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MW3 Guide

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MW3 Guide MW3 Guide MW3 Guide MW3 Guide

MW3 Guide 描述

MW3 Guide gives you the latest news and information about Modern Warfare 3!

This application will tell you all about the latest Modern Warfare 3 news, and information on weapons, perks, killstreaks, maps, vehicles, videos, along with a countdown timer for the release of the game! Register an account at our forums through the app or at VishStudios.com for app and game discussion with thousands of other users! (Screenshots of the game have NOT been included for copyright reasons.)

It is the hope of Vish Studios to transform this app before and after the release of MW3 into the top app for the game.

Anyways, give it a download and leave a rate & comment with your opinions.

Keep in mind that this the first of many premium quality apps from Vish Studios, enjoy!

*Please note that MW3 Guide and Vish Studios are not associated to Modern Warfare 3 or Activision in any way. Any information in this application is purely speculative. All content is owned by its respective copyright owners. Any use of this content is legal as stated by the doctrine of Fair Use under U.S. Copyright law.

MW3 Guide 更新内容


[Ver. 4.2]

-Added forums portion to the app, as requested by several

[Ver. 4.1]

-Added scroll views to allow for more weapon information

-Updated descriptions for confirmed guns (unconfirmed weapons will be removed in the next update!)

-Increased font size for countdown clock

[Ver. 4.0]

-Added new weapons and killstreaks, info from E3

-Changed graphics

[Ver. 3.0]

-Added information about perks and killstreaks

-Corrected typographical error

*See the complete changelog at VishStudios.com.

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MW3 Guide 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上

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