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New York Subway Free by Zuti New York Subway Free by Zuti New York Subway Free by Zuti New York Subway Free by Zuti New York Subway Free by Zuti New York Subway Free by Zuti

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New York Subway is a superb map and route planner for the NYC Subway and transport systems.
● Simple, fast and easy to use.
● Designed for the first time visitor and experienced commuter.
● Unique "Minute Map" feature provides a view of travel times from any location on the map.
● Professionally drawn colourful and clear map with geographical features and places of interest.
● Planned route animates on the map.
● Online street map integration ( internet connection required).
● Services can be turned on or off, routing around problems.
● Works in both landscape and portrait modes.
● Covers all time-zones - evening, day, rush hours and weekends.
● Easily locates your nearest transport stop.
● Places of interest, parks etc are built in to the application.
● View live service advisories (internet connection required).
● OVERVIEW ● The New York Subway - Map and route planner by Zuti makes it easy to travel in and around New York using the subway, Staten Island railway, Staten Island ferry and JFK Airtrain. The application contains a professionally drawn map and route planner with many unique features. The map provides a simple and colourful view of the city transport services with the ability to flip to an online street map view when an internet connection is available. This way the user can view the online map when above ground and the transport map and route planning is still fully functional underground or anywhere there is no internet connectivity. This provides the best of both worlds, the transport map and route planning anytime, anywhere and online street maps and search when a connection is available.
● ROUTING ● The application does not require an internet connection and will always be available to display a clear and detailed view of the city transport system, plus list and animate the optimum route for your journey. Provides the fastest route calculations of any mobile routing application (virtually instantaneous) using actual published journey times with the ability to select the quickest route or the route with the least changes.
Comprehensive details of your planned route are provided, including “direction”, “towards” and “service frequency” information (not available on any other offline journey planner) for example “Take the 3 7th Av Express line (Southbound) towards New Lots Av for 17 mins (7 stops). Service runs every 5 minutes” which is essential when finding the correct platform and direction. Also given are alternatives for each leg of the journey.
● NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED ● The map and routing do not require an internet connection and you will not be charged data connection fees. This means the application saves on battery power and runs perfectly underground, on an aeroplane, etc. For international visitors to a city who have data roaming turned off this is an ideal solution.
● LIVE INFO ● When an internet connection is available, optional "Live Information" on the current state of the transport services can be viewed allowing you to plan your journeys in advance and avoid any potential delays. Unique to this application is the ability to turn off services that are out of action and automatically calculate an alternative route.
● MINUTE MAP ● The unique minute map feature provides a view of walking times from any location on the map. This is helpful for getting a sense of scale and connectivity of the transport system and can provide some interesting results. For example is it quicker to use the subway to go from Harlem/7 Avenue to 155 Street/8 Avenue or is it quicker on foot? (Hint, the quickest route will keep you fitter). No other application makes it so easy to get around on the subway and allow you to make your travel decisions.
Please note, This application is supported via advertising. If you would rather no adverts please see our New York Subway app.
●涵盖​​所有的时间区 - 晚上,一天,高峰时段和周末。
●概述●纽约地铁 - 祖逖地图和路线规划,可以很容易地在纽约使用地铁,史泰登岛铁路,史泰登岛渡轮和肯尼迪空中列车旅行。该应用程序包含一个专业的手绘地图和路线规划上有许多独到之处。地图提供了一个简单和丰富多彩的在线街景地图视图能够翻转互联网连接时,可用这个城市的交通服务。通过这种方式,用户可以查看在线地图时,地上和交通地图和路线规划仍是功能齐全的地下或有没有互联网连接的任何地方。这提供了两全其美,交通地图和路线规划随时随地在线的街道地图和搜索时的连接是可用的。
你的计划路线的全面信息,包括“方向”,“朝”和“班次”的信息(而不是任何其他离线旅程规划),例如“以第七届AV快线(南行)对新地段AV 17分钟(7站)。服务运行每5分钟“,这是必不可少的,当找到了正确的平台和方向。给出的每一段旅程的替代品。
●LIVE INFO●当一个互联网连接,具备可选的“活信息”运输服务的当前状态,可以被视为允许你计划你的行程提前,避免任何潜在的延误。此应用程序的独特之处是关闭服务,这是出于行动的能力,并自动计算出一个替代路线。
●分钟MAP●地图功能提供独特分钟步行时间从任何地点在地图上的景色。得到的输送系统的规模和连接感,这是有益的,并能提供一些有趣的结果。例如更快地使用地铁去哈林/ 7大道155街/ 8大道或是更快脚? (提示,最快的路线会让你钳工)。没有其他的应用程序,使得它很容易得到解决地铁上,让你让你的旅行决定。

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1. Completely new map and updated routing
2. Now fully featured and supported by ads

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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