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Indian Recipes - Free

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Indian Recipes - Free Indian Recipes - Free Indian Recipes - Free Indian Recipes - Free Indian Recipes - Free

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! Thank you for being in top Charts in Lifestyle Category !
Huge collection of most popular Indian Recipes.
The App will show you the Ingredients and the method to cook your selected recipe. No need of much cooking expertise as Simple Instructions make all recipes easy to cook. Give surprise to your family and friends by preparing delicious Indian Recipes.
- Around 280 Veg recipes to choose from.
- Scroll through every recipe or quickly jump to any alphabetically using the sidebar.
- Simple design and fast navigation.
- No need of an Internet connection.
- Simple Instructions.
We welcome your feedback & suggestions and try to incorporate more recipes and features based on what you would like to see in this app.
Enjoy cooking with Indian Recipe App.
Stay tuned to get updates on most user-friendly recipe app.
This Android application software is designed to offer information on Indian recipes to you that are availed from various sources which are not owned or controlled by Viteb. This application aims to provide a user-friendly interface that will help you to find various Indian recipes. All the intellectual property rights of the iphone application software are owned and retained by Viteb. The content, images, etc... may vary and can be withdrawn from the app without any prior notice and no refund will be given for such instances. Viteb takes no responsibility about the authenticity of the recipie information provided in the app. Viteb reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of this agreement at anytime and that the modifications will be effective with immediate effect upon posting.
特征: -
- 约280素食食谱可供选择。
- 或滚动每个配方按字母顺序快速使用侧边栏跳转到任何。
- 简单的设计和快速的导航。
- 不需要互联网连接。
- 简单的说明。
免责声明: -
这个Android应用软件,旨在提供对印度的食谱给你,是根据它并不拥有或控制的Viteb各种来源的信息availed。此应用程序的目的是提供一个友好的用户界面,这将帮助你找到各种食谱印度。 iPhone的应用软件的所有知识产权都拥有和保留Viteb。内容,图像等...可能会有所不同,可以从应用程序没有任何事先通知的情况下撤销,不予退款将为这种情况下给出。 Viteb大约需要在应用程序中提供的recipie信息的真实性不承担任何责任。 Viteb保留修改本协议条款及随时条件的权利,修改将是有效的与发布后立即生效。

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Performance improvements.
You guys are awesome thanks for your support as this app going to reach 3,00,000 mark.
We are proud to release our latest version.
If you like this app feel free to give it big thumps up : 5star!

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