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VK Call Recorder Demo

VK Call Recorder Demo

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VK Call Recorder Demo 截图

VK Call Recorder Demo VK Call Recorder Demo VK Call Recorder Demo VK Call Recorder Demo

VK Call Recorder Demo 描述

VK Call Recorder DEMO
Wouldn't it be great to be able to playback your phone conversations?
- important business calls
- prank calls
- evidence
- ...and more
IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE READ! Due to differences in hardware, this application may not be compatible with all phones. Not all phones support internal two-way call recording. It may crash or freeze on your phone if it is not compatible, and/or resulting audio files may be blank. Please try the demo version first to see if it is compatible.
DEMO restrictions: maximum duration of a recording is 30 seconds
- Go to “Service Control” under the menu to toggle call recording service.
- Long click on records to bring up options
- Open menu for service control
- Refresh or resync if records are inconsistent
- Records are stored under sdcard/CallRecorder
* Silently record incoming/outgoing calls in the background
* Sleek, intuitive graphical user interface for browsing records, toggling service and setting preferences
* Automatic cleanup feature: automatically remove oldest, non-locked records if total size of records exceeds a specified maximum
* Post-call notification feature: receive a notification after a recorded call to keep/rename/discard/send/lock the record
* Sorted by time, duration and party
* Delete all records by a certain caller
* For each record you can:
- playback the recording
- rename
- delete
- send via email, bluetooth
- toggle lock
- go to contact page
* For each record, you can view its:
- party name
- party phone number
- date/time of call
- duration of call
* Change audio output format
Please email vksoftworks@gmail.com for questions, suggestions, and bug reports. Please also notate the version number (you can find this in the Service Control screen) in emails. Thank you.

VK Call Recorder Demo 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- added a confirm delete-all dialog
- records no longer refreshed when returning from audio playback, only when returning to application

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VK Call Recorder Demo 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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