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SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios

SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios

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SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios SAT Vocab Visuals & Audios

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Finally on Android! This 5-starred featured app on iPhone now comes to Android (initially as lite version) with 50 most common SAT words. Vocabulary building is now a fun activity.
"This app is very useful because it uses not only pictures and words but also a narration technique. Out of my at least 7 vocab apps i like this one the most. I definitely recommend."
By Christopher Shepherd Sep 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)
"I learned and mastered 30+ words in 10 minutes! 100% recommended."
By Rinagirl Sep 28, 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)
This premium app is a fun & effective way to learn hard SAT Words using humorous illustrations and professional narrations. As if a real teacher is teaching you meaning of every word through the use of high quality illustrations and usage sentences in his own voice.
Each narration lasts less than a minute but covers the essence and core meaning of the word in multiple contexts which speeds up learning. Our multi-sensory approach allows your brain to firmly plant every word.
"Love how it reads the words. Took 2 weeks and I have every word memorized."
By Comicgeek246 Nov 30, 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)
"Never thought pictures help memorize more words in a much shorter period of time. Very effective for the SAT verbal"
By lbo2100 Nov 28, 2010 (For our iPhone version of this app)
"One of the best put together vocabulary apps that I have tried. A lot of the apps out there are painfully boring but this one helps you learn quick and in a fun way."
By Aggiepatten Sep 25 (For our iPhone version of this app)
Don’t have time to cram boring vocabulary lists? Kept postponing vocabulary building and now the SAT is near. Afraid of the huge word list?
If you answered yes to any one of these questions then this App is for you.
VocabAhead provides a full-brain learning approach to understanding and mastering tough English words for standardized tests such as SAT, ACT and GRE. The combined effect of audio and visuals builds necessary connections that make the recall of the meaning effortless.
This App helps you learn these words through
- the use of visuals
- high quality audios
- contextual usage in multiple example sentences
Not only do you hear correct American English pronunciations from narrators but also you can hear how the word can be used in example sentences. Humor in cartoons makes it easy to remember the meaning of each word and as a whole makes the whole learning process fun and entertaining.
The Quiz section provides multiple choice questions where choices are generated randomly for reach word. Each correctly answered word is automatically moved to the 'Mastered List' from the list of words called 'Don't Know'. Performance is tracked automatically since the App keeps track of the words you have mastered or those that you don't know, you do not need to worry about managing the lists at all. You just have to learn the words and confirm your learning by taking Quizzes regularly. Your goal should be to move all the vocab words to the 'Mastered List' by taking quizzes and answering the questions correctly!
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Link to 'Word A Day Visuals & Audios' for learning 365 words for the whole year.

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