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The world of words

VOCIBO is an enjoyable vocabulary game.

VOCIBO asks gamers to match an English word with its synonym, and gamers have the chance to check its meaning in German, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Spanish and Italian.

VOCIBO has a unique formula which helps learners or users expand their vocabulary.

VOCIBO not only tests a gamer’s vocabulary, but also makes it possible for the gamer to learn and retain new words thanks to its “dynamically-customized-word-selection-patterns” designed by the VOCIBO team.

VOCIBO provides gamers with a number of options to answer a question so that they can develop a strategy to get maximum points and retain new words depending on their learning styles.


The biggest difficulty encountered while learning a foreign language is "forgetting".
"Forgetting" is a natural and inevitable part of the learning process, however, when the number and rate of words forgotten increases, learning motivation decreases.
Depending on their individual characteristics, every student forgets some of the words s/he has been learning to a certain extent.
Therefore, the rate of forgetting should be decreased for better learning. Encountering the words you have learned constantly not only decreases your rate of forgetting words, but also makes your language learning process more efficient and faster.
The most effective way of decreasing your rate of forgetting words is engaging in reading and listening activities regularly.
Prepared to support reading and listening activities, VOCIBO is a program to protect, enrich and improve your vocabulary.
VOCIBO is a platform allowing you to encounter more than 2500 words frequently used in the Intermediate, Upper and Advanced levels of English.

With the help of translation in 6 languages, users have the opportunity to increase their learning and development productivity.
In short, VOCIBO is a great “ACCELERATOR” in your learning process.
For whom is VOCIBO suitable?
Those who know English at the Intermediate, upper and advanced levels and want to improve their English
Those getting prepared for TOEFL
Those getting prepared for IELTS
Those getting prepared for PROFICIENCY , KPDS etc.
Those who like word games.

Happy VOCIBO to you !

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Android 2.1.0 以上



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