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Back up and store your photos, videos and other files in the cloud with the official Vodafone Cloud app for Android phone and tablet.
Vodafone Cloud is an easy-to-use, free service for Vodafone customers that lets you keep your photos, videos and other files safe and secure in the cloud whilst freeing up storage space on your phone or tablet.
Get complete control of your photo and video media as well as other files, so you can save and access your favourite files wherever you are over 3G or Wi-Fi networks.
Access your photos, video and other files quickly and easily from the web, or install the Vodafone Cloud app on your Windows PC so you can manage your media and files easily whenever you want.
• Upload and view your photos, videos and other files like text documents quickly and easily in the cloud from your phone, tablet and computer.
• Set automatic backup to the cloud so your newly added photos, videos and other files upload silently in the background.
• Choose to manually upload only the photos, videos and files you want to the cloud, as and when you like.
• Access, download and upload to your Vodafone Cloud account over 3G or Wi-Fi networks.
Keep all your files safely in one place, accessible wirelessly from your Android phone or tablet. (To use the 3G functionality your phone or tablet must have a mobile network connection)
• Access and control your account from your Windows PC Vodafone Cloud app or on the web, as well as from your phone or tablet.
• Free limited storage, with the option to expand your storage capacity for a fixed monthly subscription added to your Vodafone phone bill.
• To use this service you must have a valid Vodafone mobile number.
Vodafone Ireland - Got a question? We’re here to help. Please email us at care@vodafone.ie
Vodafone UK - Got a question? We’re here to help: http://m.vodafone.co.uk/mobile/welcome/support/contact-us/index.htm

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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