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Vonage Extensions Vonage Extensions Vonage Extensions Vonage Extensions Vonage Extensions Vonage Extensions

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Your Vonage phone service is here. And you can take it anywhere.
As a Vonage Customer, the Extensions app brings your Vonage phone to your Android device. Download now and you can make and receive calls on up to two phones over Wi-Fi or 3G/4G.
• Make calls from your Vonage number on your Android device (New)
• Calls to your Vonage number ring on up to two smartphones at the same time - answer whichever one is more convenient (New)
• Save with your Vonage calling plan wherever you are – unlimited international calling to 60+ countries with some plans.
• Call with Wi-Fi to save mobile minutes, avoid roaming charges when abroad and to reach people when there’s poor cell coverage
• Know who is calling you on your Vonage number; the app will use your contacts to tell you who is calling. (New)
• Uses your contacts for easy, one touch dialing
• Do Not Disturb – Easily turn on and off calls to the app (New)
• Keep your mobile number private – Caller ID will show your Vonage number. (New)
• Choose which number to display as your Caller ID – either your Vonage number or your Mobile.
Getting Started
• Download the Vonage Extensions app to your Android device
• Enter your mobile number, your Vonage phone number and your account password.
• View the tour.
Note: Vonage phone service required.
* Reasonable Use Policy applies to unlimited calling. Extensions® usage is combined with home phone usage under the policy in US / Canada. See www.vonage.com/reasonable_use_policy from more details. Calls made from mobiles may use airtime and incur charges, depending on your mobile plan.
Pat: http://www.vonage.com/corporate/press_patents.php
作为一个Vonage公司的客户,在扩展应用将您的Vonage公司的电话到您的Andr​​oid设备。现在就下载,你可以拨打和接听多达两款手机通过Wi-Fi或3G / 4G通话。
•调用在同一时间最多两个智能手机的Vonage公司数量环 - 回答哪一个更方便(新)
•保存您的Vonage公司的通话计划无论你在哪里 - 无限的国际长途到60多个国家有一些计划。
•知道是谁打来的,你在你的Vonage公司数量;应用程序将使用您的联系方式告诉你谁在呼叫。 (新)
•请勿打扰 - 轻松打开和关闭调用应用程序(新)
•保持您的手机号码的私人 - 来电显示会显示您的Vonage公司数量。 (新)
•选择显示为您的来电显示哪个数字 - 无论是你的Vonage的号码或您的手机。
*合理使用政策适用于无限通话。 Extensions®用法是结合在美国/加拿大的政策下,家里的电话使用情况。见www.vonage.com/reasonable_use_policy从更多细节。通过手机拨打的电话可以使用通话费和产生费用,这取决于您的手机计划。

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• Bug Fixes

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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