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Learn English - Voxy

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Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy

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Voxy is the world’s first personalized language learning app that adapts to students’ and employees’ unique learning needs in real-time. Join over 3 million learners in more than 21 countries and discover how our efficient methodology and powerful technology will change the way you learn English.
Working with English-speaking clients? Preparing for the TOEFL? Traveling soon? Voxy works on your computer, tablet and smartphone. Your course will be synched and up to date across all of these devices.
How it Works
Rather than teaching phrases that are not relevant to our learner’s needs like “Janie kicks the ball”, we deliver real English content that is updated daily. Voxy’s learners study in context with videos of people accomplishing daily tasks, audio recordings of real-life situations, karaoke-style music lessons and up-to-date news stories from leading media companies like the Associated Press.
Premium Features
- Multiplatform: Learn everywhere on any device: mobile, tablet or computer
- Lessons updated daily: Learn from fluent speakers accomplishing real world tasks
- Music library: Turn your favorite songs into karaoke-style lessons
- Private tutoring: Schedule a session & receive feedback. (Classes available on web only)
- Unlimited Access & Real time progress tracking
What people are saying about Voxy’s English Solution
“Voxy is transforming the way non-native speakers learn English by providing lessons personalized to a learner’s unique lifestyle, goals and learning needs.” - Forbes
“Voxy’s next generation platform makes it easy for our team members to improve their communications skills and thus the guest experience. ” - CEO Virgin Hotels, Raul Leal
“Voxy handles English with intelligence and precision. This tool helps me have interesting conversation topics with my clients; it makes me feel more confident.” - Angel Barraza, Voxy learner
Love Voxy?
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Learn more: http://voxy.com
在与讲英语的客户呢?准备托福?旅行快? VOXY适用于您的计算机,平板电脑和智能手机。你当然会被同步的和最新的在所有这些设备。
而不是教学的短语是不相关的学习者的需求,如“珍妮踢的球”,我们提供真正的英语内容每日更新。 VOXY的学习研究环境与人的领先媒体公司,如美联社完成日常任务,现实生活中的情况下,卡拉OK式的音乐课和及时更新的新闻故事录音录像。
- 多平台:学习无处不在任何设备:手机,平板电脑或电脑
- 课每日更新:从流畅音箱学习完成真实世界的任务
- 音乐库:将您喜欢的歌曲变成卡拉OK式的教训
- 私人家教:调度会议和接收反馈。 (可通过网站类只)
- 无限制访问和实时进度追踪
“VOXY正在改变的方式非母语的英语学习提供个性化的课程为学习者的独特的生活方式,目标和学习需要。” - 福布斯
“VOXY的下一代平台,很容易让我们的团队成员,提高他们的沟通技巧,从而在客户体验。 “ - 首席执行官维尔京酒店,劳尔·莱亚尔
“VOXY处理英国情报和精确度。这个工具可以帮助我有有趣的话题与我的客户;这让我感觉更加自信。“ - 天使Barraza,VOXY学习者

Learn English - Voxy 更新内容

- NEW! Log in with out a password. You can now get a link sent to your email that will automatically log you in so that you never need to remember your password again.
- bug fixes and performance improvements

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