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Learn English - Voxy

Learn English - Voxy

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Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy Learn English - Voxy

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Voxy: Learn a Language from Life Voxy: The most popular English-learning app in Latin America and Spain now available on your Android Smartphone! Forget about boring textbooks and expensive classes. Voxy’s fun and addictive learning platform teaches English using relevant and interesting content: ✔ Daily news stories on every topic: Business, Tech, Art and more✔ Flashcards with audio for keyword review✔ Helpful tips and study reminders Learn English for FREE with new lessons available every day or upgrade to the premium version to unlock hundreds of extra content. Improve your English pronunciation, learn how to speak English fluently and communicate in the most effective way with British and American English speakers. It doesn't matter if your level is basic or advanced, Voxy can help you to improve your English with hundreds of English exercises and tests. Discover new English words using our real-time English translation tool! Proven twice as effective as traditional teaching methods in a university study, Voxy creates an immersive experience similar to visiting an actual English-speaking country. ★ AOL Latino: “Learn from your real life”★ CNN: “Voxy is trying to change the world”★ Univision: "Learn English on the go"★ Mashable: "Genius!" Become a part of the Voxy community that is already more than 1 million members strong across the US, Spain, and in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Guatemla, Ecuador, Bolivia, Haiti , Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay. Learning English from life now is as easy as playing a game. Download the app and replace your English textbooks with your Android smartphone. Reach your full potential: better job opportunities, higher test scores and greater access to information. Download Voxy for free!

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