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VR Mobile - Vibration Testing

VR Mobile - Vibration Testing

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VR Mobile - Vibration Testing VR Mobile - Vibration Testing VR Mobile - Vibration Testing VR Mobile - Vibration Testing VR Mobile - Vibration Testing VR Mobile - Vibration Testing

VR Mobile - Vibration Testing 描述

VR Mobile is a tool for vibration test and measurement professionals created by Vibration Research Corporation – Innovators in Vibration Control. It contains engineering calculators, a light strobe, a noise SPL meter, and accelerometer. All of this from your mobile device!
Strobe Light and Flashlight
- Strobe your device's screen and/or flash LED from 1 - 30 Hz. Strobing helps one to see objects vibrating too fast for the eye to see.
- Turn your device's screen and/or flash LED into a flashlight; this makes a conveinient flashlight during test setups.
- NOTE: Not all device's LED flash can be controlled by the VR Mobile app.
Max Acceleration Calculator:
- Calculate the maximum amount of acceleration that a shaker (from a database or user input) can output based on the mass added to the system.
Unit Converter:
- Convert Acceleration, Force, and Mass units to and from common units.
Sine Calculator:
- Based on sinusoidal motion, calculate Acceleration, Frequency, Velocity, and Displacement by inputting any two of these values.
Shock Calculator:
- Pick between two impact types: Plastic or Elastic, and the pulse type. Shock Calculator will find the remaining two values given two inputs: Acceleration, Impact Time, Velocity Change, and Height Change.
Noise Meter:
- Measure minimum, current, and maximum dB from your mobile device's microphone. Note: A device must have a microphone in order to use this feature.
- Measure minimum, current, and maximum acceleration in each of your mobile device's accelerometer axes.
- Zero out acceleration to calibrate for an uneven surface.
Contact VR:
- See Vibration Research's building on Google Maps (or any other map application installed on your mobile device).
- Call, fax, or email VR directly from the app.
- Watch YouTube videos from VR.
- Visit VR's website.
VR Products:
- View VR's 9500 Revolution Vibration Test Controller, and the ObserVR portable DAQ.
Note: This application uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage data within the application, which can be disabled in app settings.
Note: Camera Permission is for camera LED flash control, VR Mobile does not take pictures.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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