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VZ Navigator for Droid X

VZ Navigator for Droid X

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VZ Navigator for Droid X 截图

VZ Navigator for Droid X VZ Navigator for Droid X VZ Navigator for Droid X VZ Navigator for Droid X VZ Navigator for Droid X VZ Navigator for Droid X

VZ Navigator for Droid X 描述

Try VZ Navigator FREE* for 30-Days and then pay only $4.99/month thereafter, or use it when you need it for just $0.99 for 24hrs of use.
This download includes a free version with maps, directions, and local traffic.
VZ Navigator Maps – Local search for millions of businesses, ATMs, restaurants, movie and event listings, gas prices and weather conditions. Maps are updated often with real-time traffic incidents. Plan your route and see detailed driving directions.
With VZ Navigator, get spoken turn-by-turn navigation with live traffic and choose your preferred route with Route Selector.
• Navigation trusted by millions
• Beat the gridlock with our Real-time Traffic
• Turn-by-turn spoken directions with street names
• Advanced 3D navigation instructions that use road features and landmarks such as traffic lights and number of streets
• See which lane(s) to take for highway maneuvers and exits, complex street turns and intersections
• Stay informed about upcoming junctions, lane changes and exits with highway signs and freeway views
• Drive safely, VZ Navigator alerts you around school zones and warns you when you speed
• Automatically get a new route when you miss a turn
• Virtual city driving with detailed 3D buildings** and landmarks
Learn more at http://vzw.com/navigator
*Offer valid for new VZ Navigator subscribers. Limited-time offer. Customer will automatically continue with the $4.99 monthly subscription after the 30-day trial period ends. Unsubscribe anytime using the “My Account” menu option in the app or by calling 1.800.922.0204 within 30 days of downloading the app to avoid being charged.
**Enhanced 3D capabilities available in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Paul, and Washington D.C.

VZ Navigator for Droid X 更新内容

• Home screen shortcuts for quick navigation to work or home
• Streamlined Facebook posting process
• Adjustable Night Mode brightness
• Fixed the “Waiting for WiFi” when 3D cities are pending download
• Moved the 3D city content to the SD card (instead of internal storage)
• Two button carousel screen: Go To or Map
• Speech recognition button on all search screens
• Enhanced content in search results (Pictures, ratings, restaurant menus etc.)

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VZ Navigator for Droid X 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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