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St Valentines Day Wallpapers

St Valentines Day Wallpapers

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St Valentines Day Wallpapers St Valentines Day Wallpapers St Valentines Day Wallpapers St Valentines Day Wallpapers

St Valentines Day Wallpapers 描述

St Valentines Day Wallpapers with love from cupid. Fill your heart with love.
If you are in love or feel romantic then you will be loving these wallpapers, as they are special saint valentines day wallpapers. All images are special, directly from cupid himself.
We added more wallpapers, and will be adding more love related and cupidon related wallpapers. Please request new categories in the feedback form(from the menu) and please refresh categories every 3-4 days because we are busy adding new love, st valentine, heart and angels wallpapers. Thanks for giving our app a try.
If you need a background for st valentine and your heart is full of joy than use one of our pictures and set it as your wall paper. We have more mobile wallpapers, all you have to do is press the menu button and select categories.
In other categories you will find all kind of cute or cool pictures. Some of them are 3d, some are peaceful or funny and some are crazy and make your phone look sexy, so please browse around.
Live the romance of san valentin and write a love poem, but don’t forget to set your wallpaper to something sweet, a background with hearts and kisses.
All our wallpapers are vibrant, high quality and high definition images and are free. You can view them in gallery mode or one by one.
We try to offer the best response we can to our user concerns so please report a bug when you spot it or just send us feedback using the feedback button in the menu, it would help us A LOT. Thank you for giving our app a try.
May cupidon take care of you on st valentines day.
*Users with Alcatel OT can set their wallpapers by saving them and then using the Gallery, because this phone has a bug in the permission system. Sorry about this.
*Users with Motorola Xoom have full support now.
Many thank to users that have tested the app on new or unusual configurations and wrote to us!

St Valentines Day Wallpapers 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:+Added category->subcategory structure with count for each category
+Added new categories
+Added support for low-end devices
+Fixed a lot of memory leaks, hence resolved a lot of force-closes
+Added landscape support
+Fixed bug on Motorola Xoom
+Many improvements, better threading = better ui feel.

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St Valentines Day Wallpapers 信息

Android 1.5 以上

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