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Mystical Life LWP Basic

Mystical Life LWP Basic

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Mystical Life LWP Basic 截图

Mystical Life LWP Basic Mystical Life LWP Basic Mystical Life LWP Basic Mystical Life LWP Basic Mystical Life LWP Basic Mystical Life LWP Basic

Mystical Life LWP Basic 描述

-- Free Version (please support the developer by purchasing the paid version)
Add a mystical glowing plant to your phone. This live wallpaper shows a glowing mystical plant illuminating under rays of glistening sunshine. This free version allows tons of customization to this unique and one of a kind wallpaper.
If you enjoy this wallpaper support this project by purchasing the paid version. The paid version gets access to special features such as different styles of plants and backgrounds and ability to change the sun rays color (Mystical Life LWP Full).
Basic Features (See screenshots):
- Wallpaper Scrolling
- Support switching from landscape and portrait mode (if phone supports that feature)
- Ability to change colors on every aspect of the plant (flower, stems, leaves, glow from plant, particles)
- Change size, position of the rays of light.
- Change color of background
- Large amount of colors to customize your wallpaper with.
- Turn on and off particles
Thanks for any feedback and please rate (this will help me improve the app) =)
- 免费版本(请支持购买付费版本的开发)
- 壁纸滚动
- 支持从风景和肖像模式(如果手机支持该功能的切换)
- 有能力改变颜色在各方面的植物(花,茎,叶,从植物,颗粒发光)
- 改变大小,位置的光线。
- 更改背景颜色
- 大型的颜色自定义您的墙纸。
- 打开和关闭颗粒

Mystical Life LWP Basic 更新内容

v 1.2.5
- Updated to android 4.2
- Fix wallpaper scaling and aspect ratio on phones with large displays
- You can now disable/enable wallpaper scrolling (Use if wallpaper is rendering wrong with some launchers ex. HTC Sense)
- Remove logging info which will speed up wallpaper and eat less battery
v 1.2.0
- Updated to android 4.0.3
- Fix some performance issues
- Can now disable the sun (Only in paid version)
- Small change in 'setting' menu
v 1.0.1
- app to SD card feature added

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Mystical Life LWP Basic 信息

美化手机 系统工具
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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