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Carhartt Radio

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Carhartt Radio Carhartt Radio Carhartt Radio Carhartt Radio

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Free Carhartt Radio app with an exclusive monthly Internet radio show as stream.

The free Carhartt Radio app delivers an exclusive monthly Internet radio show as stream. In addition to the current radio show the app gives you the opportunity to
access the extensive Carhartt Radio archive.

Since November 2008 Carhartt Radio has been producing a monthly music show for the Internet which breaks the mould of DJ mixes listeners are used to from other stations. Carhartt Radio is created personally by label makers, musicians and DJs who present their own art, work and stories to create an intimate one-hour trip of sound. The selection of artists so far included names such as Tokyo Black Star, Modeselektor, TRG, Shir Khan and Dudley Perkins. Labels like Gomma Records, Permanent Vacation, Versatile, Stones Throw and Prime Numbers have already presented great tracks from their extensive catalogues. Carhartt Radio is totally free of any limitations in regards to musical styles and genres. Whether it’s HipHop, Dubstep, House, Techno, Indierock, Downbeat, Disco, Jazz, Soul or Funk: It’s all
Carhartt Music.

• Runs in the background
• Streaming via EDGE/3G or WiFi
• Search by genre
• Includes detailed info about show, tracklist and artist
• Sharing via Twitter and Facebook

Tested on Samsung and HTC with Android version 2.3.3

Carhartt Radio 更新内容


- Bugfix

- Fixed logo image for large displays

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影音播放 音乐
Android 2.1.0 以上
Carhartt Work In Progress

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