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Recap + Hours of Service Driver's Daily Log Recap Calculator Plus Copyright (c)2012 WarSOFT AppsAll Rights Reserved "Takes the pencil and calculator out of figuring your Daily Recap" Written for Professional Driversby a Professional Driver What's new? My main goal was to simplify as much of the end of day logbook processing as I possibly could. The original Recap helped, but it was still necessary to grab a calculator to figure miles driven. I have listened to you, the professional drivers that use my original Recap, and the following requested and time saving features were added: 1) Configurable Hours of Service Rules. Recap + is not limited to the standard US 70 hours in 8 days (70/8). Recap + has 60/7 US Part time, 70/7 Canadian Cycle 1, 70/8 US Standard Full time, 80/8 California local, 120/14 Canadian Cycle 2, and the ability to input a customized HOS that isn't pre-configured. This was the most requested upgrade. 2) Enter starting and ending odometer readings to calculate and display miles driven for each day. The starting odo reading is automatically filled in if there are any previous days that have an ending odo. The ending odo can be entered as the last 3 digits instead of the entire reading. 3) Landscape mode is now supported. No soft keyboard is popped up in landscape mode, it is there for drivers that have devices with slide out keyboards. The ability to choose which soft popup keyboard is used in portrait mode is still there for LG phone users who want to leave their keyboard in the phone. 4) A Gain column has been added to show the driver how many hours they will gain after midnight for most days on the recap grid. 5) Enhanced grid with explanations in the Last 7, Avail, Last 8, and Gain columns, just like in your logbook. The enhanced grid also now displays the professional drivers most needed recap data for TODAY (ie. the last day in the recap grid): 1) how many hours the driver has available to drive today, and 2)how many hours they will pick up at midnight, in two oversized highlighted fields. Once on-duty hours are entered for Today, these fields will be replaced by the regular recap grid fields. Until then, a driver can see this data at a glance. Glance at it in the morning to assist you in your trip planning. 6) The ability to remove the enforcement for quarter hour on-duty hour entries. This will allow users of electronic logs to use Recap +. Hours may also now be entered as minutes (0 - 59) instead of hour parts (0 - 99). 7) Since not all logbooks are created equal, and some have a different column layout, Recap + has the ability to rearrange the columns. Please read the help file concerning this setup, as some columns will display different data depending on their position on the recap grid. This is important! Any comments, including bug reports, suggestions, upgrade requests, etc... may be emailed to me at WarSOFTApps@gmail.com. I will respond to legitimate inquiries as soon as possible. Although I've been programming computers since 1981, this is only my second Android Market App. Please be kind and report any bugs to me at the email address above. I cannot respond directly to comments left in Market reviews. Thank you... Stay tuned to WarSOFT Apps in the Android Market / Google Play for more apps for professional drivers! In the works is an Axle Weight Calculator for weighing on platform scales that will offer substantially more flexability than anything currently on the market. Recap + will initially install to internal memory, but can be moved to SDCard from Home screen/Settings/Applications/Manage applications/Recap +. This app is also completely free, with no ads. Powered by B4Script... Keywords: truck, trucker, truck driver, professional driver, hours of service, hos, log book, semi truck, recap.



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