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T-Mobile FamilyWhere

T-Mobile FamilyWhere

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T-Mobile FamilyWhere T-Mobile FamilyWhere T-Mobile FamilyWhere T-Mobile FamilyWhere T-Mobile FamilyWhere T-Mobile FamilyWhere

T-Mobile FamilyWhere 描述

Know your family & kids are safe by finding them on the T-Mobile 4G network.
With T-Mobile FamilyWhere® you can find your family & kids by locating their phones on a map.
• Locate your family & kids on demand so you know they are being responsible
• Check to see if your kids are home after school with automatic scheduled checks
• Kids can use the free Check-In feature to share their location with you
FamilyWhere Check-In - FREE
• Kids on any network can share their location by sending text messages from their Android phones
• Parents can view their kid’s location on their mobile web browser in real time even if they don’t have an Android phone
• FamilyWhere Check-ins for kids are even less of a chore with fun with emoticons
FamilyWhere Locate - Upgrade to America’s best phone locator service!
• First 30 days are free and it’s only $9.99 a month after that
• Locate any mobile device on your T-Mobile account at any time
• Schedule automatic location checks and get notifications by text or email
• Works with any mobile device - no GPS or extra software required
• Locate your family from the convenience of our free Android app
• Don’t have an Android phone? You can use FamilyWhere online by going to My.T-Mobile.com
• The only phone tracker where your kids don’t need to opt in
• FamilyWhere is optimized for SmartPhones and may not be compatible with all tablets
• Users who are located will be notified via text message
• FamilyWhere can only locate devices that are powered on and connected to T-Mobile’s network
• A maximum of 10 lines can be located on any FamilyWhere account
• Technical support available at android-support@locationlabs.com
FamilyWhere入住 - FREE
FamilyWhere定位 ​​- 升级到美国最好的手机定位服务!
•头30天是免费的,它只有9.99 $一个月后
•使用任何移动设备作品 - 无需GPS或额外的软件

T-Mobile FamilyWhere 更新内容

• Stability fixes for Android 4.0
• Smoother map performance
• Simpler menu navigation – personalizing
FamilyWhere is easier than ever.

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生活服务 系统工具
Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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