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Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter

Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter

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Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter

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“Ultimate car driving thriller – The chase begins”Fast Car Racing & Real drifter is 3D Car racing game where you have to chase down Intelligent AI Car Drivers. Drive high speed cars (with nitro boost) and drift cars at high speed in city tracks. Become drift master and pass your rivals on the city streets with fast racing action. Drift car in curves and drive car for chase with great thrill.Drive the fastest cars in ultimate Car Racing thriller game which will test your skills and passion to be the best car racing driver. Feel the car speed & do action car stunt with Realistic driving experience and great sound effects.Car racing experience is now redefined! Get ready for real racing game with different car race challenge with AI car drivers. Game has smooth 3D graphics for real car driving experience with addictive gameplay. Enjoy every minute of real racing fun!Race across the city streets! Overtake AI car driver & be fastest car driver. Race against the opponents & beat them in time with fun & challenge; You can race the opponents to be the first but the true fun is become faster & faster to beat your own track records. Experience real car driving fun in city car racing! KEY FEATURES- 5 CARS: Audi, Ferrari, Lancer, Ford & Beetle.- 40 Levels for car racing challenge!- 7 CAR RACE TYPE: Sprint, Circuit, Timetrial, Knockout, SpeedTrap, Topdown & car drift racing- More realistic and thorough 3D car driving!- Smooth 3D graphics for thrilling car racing experience.- Realistic physics simulation for all race cars with simple car controls- Realistic simulation of all aspect (engine, drivetrain, tires, etc) of the car - Challenging racetrack with deep road curves to improve your car drifting & driving skills- Tablet supportGAMEPLAY- Default auto acceleration (Auto speed)- Tilt to turn: Turn car left or right- Touch brake to slow down or reverse- Touch camera to change car viewing angle- Touch reset car, to reset car position after accident or stuck- Touch mirror to view AI car position behind you! WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT… Fast Car Racing & Real Drifter? 1. REALISTIC CAR DRIFTING: - Easy to make car drift(BRAKE + TILT, When 75+ speed) - Realistic 3D car drift simulation to drive your passion for drifting! - Deep smoke effect while drifting cars - Ultimate car drifting experience. Take car to a high speed & enjoy real drifting. - Free track ride, no time limits. No drifting point. Drift car in a realistic city curve. 2. INTELLIGENT AI CAR DRIVERS With competitive Chase Skill & Behavior designed for AI car racer, they will act, overtake or brake just as a human player. As master car driver, you have to out think AI car driver to beat them.  3. CHALLENGING CAR RACING MODES A: SPRINT RACE (long distance race - Single lap) B: CIRCUIT RACE (lap based race) C: TIME TRIAL RACE (checkpoint based race) Reach checkpoint in given time. If car driver reaches this checkpoint, it will give additional time to reach next one. If player can’t reach any checkpoints, race will fail. D: KNOCK OUT RACE (last car driver is kicked out in every lap) Enjoy knocking out other car racers off the road. E: SPEED TRAP RACE (Fastest player with overall highest speed wins the race) CAR DRIVING TIPS:ALWAYS DRIVE FASTER than AI car driverUSE CAR DRIFTING to maintain car speed in deep curve.USE BRAKE to slow down cars in curve to avoid crash during chase.USE MIRROR while car driving to know AI car driver's position HOW TO DRIFT CAR?When drive on high speed… at least 75+ speed,Use BRAKE + TILT to make a car drift. WHAT IS CAR DRIFTING?Car Drifting is a car racing method where car driver make the car oversteer to loss of traction in the back wheels, while maintaining control.FEEDBACKFast Car Racing & Real Drifter will be updated constantly.Like this game? Rate us 5 stars with valuable review.Suggestion? Send us feedback email!

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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