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Kiddy Paint! Free Kiddy Paint! Free Kiddy Paint! Free Kiddy Paint! Free

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Kiddy Paint! Free is a free Android app which converts your tablet or android phone to a nice painting canvas for kids. Simple yet powerful user interface gives your kid a sense of painting with real pencils. There is 14 main colors and for each color you have 5 degree of density. The lower density gives an effect like painting with pencils. There are 3 pen style (free drawing, circles and boxes) which can be toggled by tapping on the most right button of the toolbar. You may also swich betweeen very thin to very thick pen size for maximum control on painting.
- This app is designed to run from your SD card. There are already some apps which are able to do that such as [App 2 SD]. However you always can do it yourself if you use Android 2.2 Froyo or higher. To move this app to your SD card, just after installation, please go to the Settings menu and choose Applications->Manage applications and then select the app and then at the end click on [Move to SD Card] button.
- Just shake to clear
- double tap on screen to go full screen and come back
- Buttons from left to right:
1- [MINUS] button: Reduce size of pen
2- [SAMPLE] area: This area between mminus and plus sign is a sample of pen strokes.
3- [PLUS] button: Add size of pen
4- [ALPHA] button: Cycles between five degree of color densities.
5- [NEW PAGE] button: Clears the drawing
6- [SAVE] button: In this version it doesn't work.
7- [PEN STYLE] button: cycles between 3 styles: free line drawing, circles, boxes.
- This version of Kiddy Paint! is ad-enabled however the ad is not displayed in full-screen mode.
- Save feature is added now but is not tested on some models.
小子油漆!免费是一个免费的Andr​​oid应用程序,你的平板电脑或Android手机转换为一个漂亮的帆布画的孩子。简单而强大的用户界面让您的孩子用绘画铅笔真实的感觉。有14主要的颜色,并为每种颜色有5度的密度。较低密度给出似画用铅笔的效果。有3笔风格(无图,圆圈和方框),它可以通过点击工具栏的最右边的按钮进行切换。您也可以SWICH betweeen很薄很粗笔大小绘画最大的控制。
- 这个程序是专为从SD卡上运行。目前已经有一些应用程序这是能够做到这一点,如[应用程序2 SD]。然而,你总是可以的,如果你使用的Andr​​oid 2.2 Froyo或更高自己做。要将这个应用程序到SD卡,只需安装后,请进入设置菜单,然后选择应用程序 - >管理应用程序,然后选择应用程序,然后在最后点击[移动到SD卡]按钮。
- 只需摇来清除
- 在屏幕上双击进入全屏回来
- 按钮从左至右:
1- [负]按钮:减少笔的大小
2- [示例]区域:mminus与加号之间的这个区域是笔划的样本。
3- [PLUS]按钮:添加笔的大小
4- [ALPHA]按钮:色彩密度十五度之间的周期。
5 [新页]按钮:清除绘图
6- [保存]按钮:在这个版本中这是行不通的。
7- [画笔样式]按钮:免费线描,圆,盒:3样式之间循环。
- 此版本小孩子的油漆!是广告功能但是广告没有在全屏模式显示。
- 保存功能现在被添加,但不是在某些机型上测试。

Kiddy Paint! Free 更新内容

Fixed a bug for saving drawings
Added a new warning message when it switches to full screen
Please kindly send us your suggestions and report for any bug or mistake. Please send your notes or new requested features via our contact us form in webandroid.com website: http://www.webandroid.com/

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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