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Talking Photo Dictionary

Talking Photo Dictionary

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Talking Photo Dictionary Talking Photo Dictionary Talking Photo Dictionary Talking Photo Dictionary Talking Photo Dictionary Talking Photo Dictionary

Talking Photo Dictionary 描述

Talking Photo Dictionary can help your kids learn much more about animals.

Talking photo dictionary is an easy to use Android app which gives your kids fast access to amazing and sharp photos of 177 animals. For each animal you can find information on Wikipedia by taping on a link. You can also simply listen to the correct pronunciation of your selected animal name. Try it for free!

- You can go to next and previous picture by swiping the screen. It means you need to touch the screen and move your finger to left or right.
- This app is designed to run from your SD card. There are already some apps which are able to do that such as [App 2 SD]. However you always can do it yourself if you use Android 2.2 Froyo or higher. To move this app to your SD card, just after installation, please go to the Settings menu and choose Applications->Manage applications and then select the app and then at the end click on [Move to SD Card] button.

- Default android Text to speech (TTS) is not like a natural voice, We suggest you use a good TTS engine such as SVOX or IVONA Text-to-speech HD for getting more realistic human voice.

Talking Photo Dictionary 更新内容


This is our second version of talking photo dictionary delivered to you. In this version some new animals are added and UI has been enhanced. A few bugs are fixed and advertisement is enabled. Application now requests location and network permissions for showing advertisements.

Please kindly send us your suggestions and report for any bug or mistake or any new requested feature to our contact us form in our website: http://www.webandroid.com/

Thanks for your support.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Mehran Taherimoud

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