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Talking Chat Buddy

Talking Chat Buddy

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Talking Chat Buddy Talking Chat Buddy Talking Chat Buddy Talking Chat Buddy

Talking Chat Buddy 描述

Jen is your chat buddy!Talk to your intelligent friend and see how smart she is!
Jen (BETA) is an intelligent virtual personality who can chat with you and your kids. It's not like the iPhone Siri application, but you may expect to have a fun time and amazing chat conversations with Jen. The main engine has more than 50000 English statements based on Pandorabots.com services.
Now you can create your own cyber robot in Pandorabots.com and enter the robot ID as a parameter to this app. Then you can chat with your own handmade robots. Enjoy!

- Always use correct English pronunciation
- The voice detection engine is the standard feature of Android OS. If you find some mistakes in detection and for getting better results please make sure you talk in a quiet environment.
- Voice engine for speaking English also makes use of Android TTS. Default voice of android Text to speech (TTS) is not so natural, so I suggest you to use a good TTS engine such as SVOX or IVONA Text-to-speech HD for getting more realistic human voice.
- This is a BETA version. Please forgive for some problems you may find and install its latest updates.

Talking Chat Buddy 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:- Fixed more bugs

- Added a menu to enter words by keyboard

- Added a menu to switch to another Pandorabot Robot just by entering an ID. Please sign up with Pandorabots.com and then create your own robot. You can also use ID of existing robot by copying the last part of their URL address.

NOTE: Thanks for downloading. For those who experience problems or errors please write your handset model.

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Talking Chat Buddy 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
Mehran Taherimoud

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