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Current Caller ID

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Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID Current Caller ID

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Hiya (formerly Whitepages Caller ID) Call Block Security identifies the important calls you want to take and block numbers and texts that you want to avoid like spam, telemarketers, scams, bill collectors, robocalls & more. Hiya is free, does not contain any ads, and is extremely easy to use.
Hiya is powered by a database of hundreds of millions of phone numbers and millions of happy Hiya users who depend on the app daily.
Perform reverse phone lookup / reverse phone search on incoming calls, stop calls, block calls, and black list unwanted phone numbers and SMS text messages.
• Caller ID: Only take calls from people you want to talk to. Take calls from friends not in your phone book. Pick up the call from your doctor. Never miss an important call from someone trying to get in touch.
• Call Block / Robocall Blockerl: Black list robocalls, spam, scams, and block telemarketers or stop political calls and send them straight to voicemail. Take your privacy back with a call blocker that lets you black list numbers and stop calls and SMS messages.
• Unknown Callers: Identify unknown callers in real-time. Always know who is calling. Hiya acts like a firewall only allowing the calls & texts that you want.
• SMS Caller ID: Identify unknown SMS text messages even if they are not in your phone book contacts.
• Security: Automatic alerts warn you if an incoming call is spam, virus, malware, adware or spyware. Easily report spam callers, scams & SMS spam, virus, harassment, malware, adware or spyware.
• Phone Book Photos: See the latest profile photo, job title and city information for friends, family, co-workers and business associates.
• Reverse phone lookup / Reverse phone search: Perform a reverse phone lookup on an incoming call to find out if it is spam, a scam, malware, a virus threat, adware, or spyware.
• True Contacts: Add names and addresses from Hiya to your phone book contacts to keep them accurate, complete and current.
Facebook: facebook.com/hiyainc
Twitter: twitter.com/hiya
Instagram: instagram/hiyainc
The SMS text blocker feature is currently not supported for devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) and higher.
Hiya Caller ID & Call Block (formerly Whitepages Caller ID & Security Call Blocker) is brought to you by Hiya Inc. Utilizing the power of the Hiya database that has hundreds of millions of phone numbers, you’ll know the true caller behind more calls and true calling SMS texts. Hiya is a Google Play Top Developer that is committed to delivering best in class free security, caller ID, call block, spam & virus protection.
•呼叫块/ Robocall Blockerl:黑名单robocalls,垃圾邮件,诈骗和电话推销员块或停止政治电话和直接发送他们的语音邮件。把你的隐私回来一个电话拦截,让你的黑名单号码,并停止通话和短信。
Instagram的:Instagram的/ hiyainc
在短信拦截功能目前不支持与Android 4.4(KitKat)的和更高版本的设备。

Current Caller ID 更新内容

What's new in 6.2.4?
- Call alert usability improvements
- Now in eight languages (English, French, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Hindi)
- Added alert dialog before sending invite to friend/contact
- Block Contact dialog will now show the phone numbers that are in the address book
- Bug fixes

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通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 4.0.3 以上


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