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Brief me - tablet edition

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Brief me - tablet edition Brief me - tablet edition Brief me - tablet edition Brief me - tablet edition Brief me - tablet edition

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Brief me – The news and social media reader
***What the users say about it***
Marc “Great, I have an overview of all my interests”
Laurence “The dashboard is very clear”
Amandine “I like seeing Twitter & Facebook in the same app, very handy”
Benoît “Well a full and simple application!”
From the Dashboard (homepage) you have a bird’s-eye view of what’s happening on the topics that matter for you in real time. A topic is a combination of any of the following elements:
- Premium Media Partners
- RSS feeds
- Social networks
- Native Communication: SMS, MMS, email, missed calls
- Twitter searched terms or #hashtags
- Twitter users (experts)
Alert Widget
You can add widgets directly accessible from the dashboard, two sizes of widget are available: mini and large, to fit best in the available space on the user’s dashboard.
With Brief me, access an unlimited number of news services:
- More than 20 premiums sources available directly in our directory as BBC World, FOXNews, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, ReadWriteWeb, Temptalia…
- Google search any center of interests
- Add RSS feeds
- Google Reader connection
Receiving content from social networks such as facebook & twitter, Brief me acts as a smart unified social networks aggregator:
- “Like” and comment on Facebook
- @reply, Direct Messages and Retweet for Twitter
- Post to multiple social network accounts (up to 7) at once!
- Share an article on social networks or simply by mail
Does this mean anything to you? http://bit.ly/5sg8d or http://twitpic/7sfj9 ?
Neither does it to us, so Brief me automatically expands the links for regular web sites, images and videos. You have now more information to decide to visit the original site, or not.
And also
- Services management: a rich and elegant partner’s directory
- Open for developers: If you're a developer or a content owner, you can very easily develop your own flowgins (plugins for Brief me) so that your content appears on Brief me.
✪✪ Brief me is available in white label for Operators, Media and device manufacturers ✪✪

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Android 3.0.x 以上

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