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西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™下载

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™

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西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 截图

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 描述

Westpac Cash Tank™ by Westpac New Zealand Limited
The fastest way to check what’s left in your ‘Cash Tank™’ (chosen bank account). Then tap to login to Mobile Banking for further Westpac New Zealand Online Banking services.
* Instantly check your main account balance while you’re out and about (without re-entering your password). See it shown visually on your ‘Cash Tank™’ gauge and tap to show your available balance amount.
* View your Cash Tank with our handy widget which allows you to view and refresh your balance from your home screen.
* Tap the login button to access our secure Mobile Banking website where you can:
- check your account balances
- transfer money between your Westpac accounts
- view previous activity on your accounts (for past 30 transactions), including your credit card (past 30 days)
- view upcoming payments (for next 7 days)
* Cash Tank can also be displayed on Sony SmartWatch and Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2) devices to give you a super quick view of your balance (for phones running Android 4.0+).
IMPORTANT: Cash Tank™ is only for Westpac New Zealand customers registered for Online Banking.
By downloading and registering to use Cash Tank™ you agree to Westpac New Zealand’s Electronic Banking Services Terms and Conditions, forming part of Westpac’s General Terms and Conditions available at westpac.co.nz/cashtank.
How it works:
1. Download the app.
2. Enter your regular Westpac New Zealand Online Banking login ID and password on the registration screen. (You won’t need to do this again to see your Cash Tank™ balance after this).
3. Select the account that you want the available balance displayed for.
4. Set your own ‘full’ (high) and ‘empty’ (low) settings for your chosen account.
5. Your available balance will be visually represented on the Cash Tank™ gauge against these settings and you can then tap the ‘Available $’ button to display your actual available balance. You can change your ‘full’ and ‘empty’ settings at any stage.
Note: Your Cash Tank™ experience may vary depending on the type of Android device you have and works best on Android 2.1 and above.
Using Cash Tank™ for instant balance access requires a one time authentication process during initial registration using your regular Online Banking login ID and password.
* Your Cash Tank™ registration (including login) and balance requests are protected by a certified encrypted secure connection (SSL).
* If you want to select a new account to request a balance for within Settings, you will need to re-enter your Online Banking login ID and password.
* We recommend you always adhere to manufacturer’s software and support to ensure your mobile devices are covered by the latest software and security updates. If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, we recommend you use a trusted network.
* All information submitted by you during registration and use of Cash Tank™ will be retained by Westpac and used in accordance with the Privacy terms set out in Westpac New Zealand’s General Terms and Conditions.
* If you lose your Android device, or it is stolen, please contact Westpac immediately on 0800 400 600 and we will deactivate the app.
Things you should know:
Cash Tank™ is only available to Westpac New Zealand customers. Feel free to become one of our customers and you too can use Cash Tank™ by calling 0800 400 600 or drop into your local Westpac branch.
We reserve the right to modify or withdraw Cash Tank™ at any time. Access is subject to availability and maintenance.
Westpac Cash Tank and Cash Tank are trade marks of Westpac Banking Corporation. © 2012 Westpac New Zealand Limited.
- 检查你的帐户余额
- 您的西太平洋银行账户之间的转账
- 查看您的帐户上(过去30交易)以前的活动,包括您的信用卡(过去30天)
- 查看即将到来的支付(未来7天)
*现金坦克也可以显示索尼SmartWatch的索尼SmartWatch的2(SW2)给你一个超快速查看您的余额(手机运行Android 4.0 +)的设备。
通过下载并注册使用现金坦克™,您同意向新西兰西太平洋银行的电子银行服务条款和条件,形成西太平洋银行的可在westpac.co.nz / cashtank的一般条款和条件的一部分。
2。输入正规的西太平洋新西兰网上银行登录ID和密码,在注册屏幕上。 (你不会需要再做一次看到你的现金坦克™后的余额)。
注意:您的现金坦克™体验可能取决于Android设备的类型,你有最好在Android 2.1及以上。
*如果你失去了你的Andr​​oid设备,或被盗,请立即联系西太平洋银行0800 400 600,我们将关闭应用程序。
现金坦克™是只提供给新西兰西太平洋银行的客户。欢迎免费注册成为我们的一个客户,你也可以使用现金坦克™致电0800 400 600或拖放到您当地的西太平洋银行分行。
西太平洋的现金坦克和现金坦克西太平洋银行公司的商标。 ©2012西太平洋银行(新西兰)有限公司。

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 更新内容

Minor bug fixes

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 历史版本

  • 西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™

    西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™

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西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 使用技巧

西太平洋银行现金池™ Westpac Cash Tank™ 信息

金融理财 银行
Android 2.3.7 以上
Westpac New Zealand

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