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Wild About Whales Wild About Whales Wild About Whales Wild About Whales Wild About Whales

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Plan your next coastal adventure with Australia's first official whale watching guide to New South W(h)ales!
Help us spot the whales, track their progress and share your coastal adventure with our new social gallery. Learn about different whale species you might see and tips for spotting them, take photos and share them, use our maps to find the perfect vantage points and find tours and accommodation near you.
This app is the official whale watching guide to New South Wales developed by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. It has been provided free of charge for you to get out and enjoy NSW's coastal national parks during the annual whale migration season from May - November. Download it now!
这个程序是官方的赏鲸指导新南威尔士州通过新南威尔士国家公园和野生动物服务发展。它已经提供了免费为你滚出去,并在五月每年鲸鱼迁徙季节享用新南威尔士州的沿岸国家公园 - 月。现在就下载吧!

Wild About Whales 更新内容

- You can now add your own whale watching images to the social gallery using #whaleon via the Wild About Whales Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram
- Facebook sign in and smart phone camera options to easily share your photos
- New and improved design making it easier for you to see and learn more about whales
- New “Where to go” map providing you with the best whale watching vantage points
- New “Offers” section with great deals and offers for your whale watching holidays

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