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iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds

iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds

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iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds

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iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds is the perfect field guide app to learn identify birds of North America or Hawaii. Whether you are an experienced birder, a bird watcher or a beginner at birding, iBird’s powerful Birds Around Me feature and its intelligent search engine will turn you into a birding expert. Completely up to date with the 2016 AOU and ABA checklist, iBird Lite contains samples of 40 species of both native and rare North American and Hawaiian birds.
Using iBird's patented avian matching system (Percevia™) you can search for birds by color, location, shape, habitat or any one of our 35 identification field marks to find your bird. iBird's comprehensive species pages have built-in recordings of bird songs and bird calls, professional high-resolution bird photographs, hand drawn composite illustrations and detailed range and migration maps.
From tiny birds to angry birds, iBird works like magic, revealing a list of birds that perfectly matches your search choices. With over 2 million downloads iBird Lite is the standard that all birding apps are measured by.
■ Discover how iBird changed the world of birding and eliminated heavy field guides with this free app.
■ Brand new user interface compatible with all versions of Android from KitKat 4.4 to Marshmallow 6.
■ Identifies 40 species with in-depth descriptions including details on size, weight, color, pattern, shape, appearance, habitat, behavior, conservation, sexual differences and more.
■ iBird’s icon-driven visual search engine, enables you to identify birds using shape, color, location, habitat, head pattern, flight pattern, bill shape, length and more.
■ Extensive identification and hard-to-find details such as diet, egg color, sex of incubator, vocalization definitions, and much more.
■ The only birding app that includes both Illustrations and Photos.
■ iBird’s visual matching system means no longer scrolling through hundreds of the wrong choices. iBird matches just those birds near you that fit your description.
■ Hours of high quality bird sound recordings.
■ Sort birds by first, last and family name and view birds by text, icon, thumbnail or gallery.
■ Search by common name, Latin name and even band code.
■ Comprehensive seasonal and migratory range maps include subspecies.
■ Only app with a field mark layer which displays key ID marks for male, female, juvenile.
■ Post, keep lists, and share sightings with friends and followers with an easy and user-friendly Notes and Favorites interface.
■ iBird’s database is completely self contained; no internet connection is required like many other birding apps and you can move the database and app to SD Card.
Other Features
■ All new range maps now include Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall ranges plus Year-round and Migration ranges.
■ New Conservation Status search attribute lets you search by the size of any species population as well as see specific species endangered status on each account. The standard is maintained by Birdlife International and is called the IUCN Red List.
■ All screens optimized for tablets - illustrations, photos and range maps fill the screen.
■ See how 5 most popular birding apps stack up: http://ibird.com/compare
Additional Features:
■ Playing bird songs and calls lets you to attract birds right to your device or bird feeders for easier identification and more enjoyment.
■ Hand-drawn full sized color illustrations, with perching and flight views.
■ Multiple professional photographs of most species, showing plumages, sexes and seasons.
■ Full color range maps for every species showing migration areas.
■ Species, common and family names in English, French and Spanish (text is English).
■ Keep up with the latest news and other iBird users by joining the iBird fan page on Facebook http://facebook.com/ibird.
■ See the latest changes to iBird at http://ibird.com/hub2/android/
使用iBird专利的禽流匹配系统(Percevia™),您可以搜索鸟颜色,位置,形状,栖息地或者找你的鸟我们35标识字段标志中的任何一个。 iBird的综合物种网页有内置的鸟鸣和鸟鸣,专业的高清晰度照片鸟,手绘插图复合材料和详细的范围和迁移的地图记录。
■从奇巧的Andr​​oid 4.4兼容所有版本的全新用户界面棉花糖6。
■iBird的视觉匹配系统意味着不再通过数百个错误的选择中滚动。 iBird仅匹配您附近的那些鸟适合你的描述。
■所有屏幕的平板电脑进行了优化 - 插图,照片和地图范围内填充屏幕。

iBird Lite Free Guide to Birds 更新内容

■ SEE http://tinyurl.com/ibird-pro308
■ If you have install issues delete iBird_Lite folder before updating
■ Extraction no longer fails on OS 2.X
■ Extraction takes < 3 minutes, Validation < 6 seconds
■ Reviews before 2-25 did not use latest version
■ Why won't iBird work on OS < 2.3.3 - http://tinyurl.com/ibird-missing
■ NEW VERSION 3.0 USES GOOGLE'S DOWNLOAD SERVICE - Based on the standard Google API for large databases.

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Android 2.3 以上 , 4.2.2 以下

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