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Faith的支票簿移动记录板 截图

Faith的支票簿移动记录板 Faith的支票簿移动记录板 Faith的支票簿移动记录板 Faith的支票簿移动记录板 Faith的支票簿移动记录板 Faith的支票簿移动记录板

Faith的支票簿移动记录板 描述

Faith's Checkbook Devotional Free Edition provides daily encouragement for Christians - a fresh Bible passage and devotional reading in your pocket each day.
These days, we can use as much encouragement as possible, and for Christians, that includes a reminder of the love, power, an blessings of our God! Get your daily boost with messages written by Charles Spurgeon - known as "The Prince of Preachers." Faith's Checkbook inspires and encourages Christians every day!
* 366 short daily messages that start with a Bible verse
* Read any day's devotion
* Built-in Facebook note sharing
* Share with friends using many compatible apps
* Copy and paste devotions to any app that supports it
* Link from each day's Bible verse to Biblegateway.com to see other versions or get context
* Open the app to see today's devotional message
* Swipe (slide finger) to change to another day's devotional message
* Tablet friendly (works in portrait or landscape - there's more beach sunset in landscape :-)
* Can be installed on SD card
This version will remain free and a paid version with more features will be available in January 2012 (this helps us pay the mortgage and feed the kids).
NOTE: These are Spurgeon’s original devotions from the 19th century they sometimes use language that seems archaic to us, but you’ll be able to understand and be blessed by the wisdom of this great preacher and theologian.
Here are a few recent comments from the 225+ comments on this app from the Android Market:
"Good app Very good app very convenient when I'm in a rush in the morning"
"I keep this app on my home page- it provides hope and sweet reminders from the Holy Spirit. I was surprised cuz I can be picky bout these things."
"Truly being blessed by reading it & reminding me of Who got my back always: The Lord my God."
"Excellent app! Thank you for making it. It has been used by God to bring peace and is a reminder of the refuge I have in Him!"
Spurgeon's messages are in the public domain and the app is Copyright 2010-2011 by Stephen A. Whitney for Looking Upward Apps

Faith的支票簿移动记录板 更新内容

Integrate Facebook sharing support
Move to SD card support on Android 2.2 and up
Buttery smooth swiping between days
Improved off-line help
New database makes devotion loading instant (after one-time setup)
Looks beautiful on tablets
Better use of small screens
Fresh new icon
Now supports Android 2.0 and up (dropped 1.6 support)

Faith的支票簿移动记录板 历史版本

  • Faith的支票簿移动记录板


    版本:1.6.1 高速下载

Faith的支票簿移动记录板 使用技巧

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Faith的支票簿移动记录板 信息

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