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Fun Letters Free with Ads

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Fun Letters Free with Ads Fun Letters Free with Ads Fun Letters Free with Ads Fun Letters Free with Ads Fun Letters Free with Ads Fun Letters Free with Ads

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What a fun way to learn ABCs!
This wonderful app enables toddlers and preschool-aged children to play with alphabet in a supportive and inspiring environment.
Your child will learn with Fun Letters:
- the alphabet: recognition of cursive letter shapes, letter names and sounds,
- writing: tracing cursive letters
- lower-case letters and upper-case letter shapes
- consonants and vowels ( marked with a different colour in our alphabet)
- fine motor skills
Our new approach to tracing your ABCs makes it impossible for your child to write the letters incorrectly. Additional free hand letter tracing option help children to perfect writing the alphabet.
Easy transition between upper and lower-case for each letter of the alphabet enforces connection between different shapes of the characters. Intuitive navigation along the alphabet does not require reading skills to use this ABC application.
Fun Letters focus on building associations between letter names and sounds, alphabet shapes in lower and upper-case and practice of cursive letter tracing - just like you did at school, but in a much more fun way!
Our ABC app incorporates various activities on each screen of the alphabet:
- naming letters; Touch beautiful illustrations and hear the name of each letter and the sound it makes used in a word.
- recognition of alphabetic characters: large letter symbols make it easier to remember cursive alphabet. Upper-case and lower-case letters are just one tap away.
- writing letters: 2 modes of cursive letter tracing. “Follow the path” mode helps to train the right gesture for writing each letter. “Free hand” model for more advanced users allows to practice smooth shapes of cursive alphabet.
- identifying the vowels in the alphabet: the vowels in our ABCs are colour coded and therefore easier to remember.
Fun Letters propose your children the right balance between fun and education. Our beautiful interactive screens do not take the focus away from acquiring the basic skills of letter recognition, reading and writing. Original artwork supports each letter of the alphabet with visual queues. Our goal was to turn learning ABCs into a fun, dynamic activity and let the children pick up the alphabet in their own way and on their own pace.
We are using the following examples for all the letters in the alphabet:
A: for alligator
B: for bear
C: for clown
D: for dinosaur
E: for elephant
F: for fox
G: for giraffe
H: for hippo
I: for igloo
J: for jungle
K: for koala
L: for lion
M: for mouse
N: for nest
O: for ogre
P: for parrot
Q: for queen
R: for rabbit
S: for snake
T: for turtle
U: for universe
V: for vegetables
W: for whale
X: for xylophone
Y: for yo-yo
Z: for zebra
* Although the application is best suited for tablets because of larger screen sizes, it will work on phones as well.
** This is a free version of the application, so we decided to place the advertising. If you like the app, but do not wish to expose your kids to adds, please purchase our app from:
By buying this application you support creation of the whole suite of educational apps for children of all ages.
our website: whizzypeas.com
If you have any questions, suggestions or problems please email us at funletters@whizzypeas.com
keywords: ABC, letters, alphabet, preschool,writing, cursive, tracing

Fun Letters Free with Ads 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:version 1.3 :
- offscreen management and music removed during the exercise activities.
- review of word selection
Version 1.2 :
- bonus alphabet game
- improved loading of screens
- added sound effects
- review of word selection
Version 1.1 :
- freehand letter tracing
- help screen

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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