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zBoost Signal Finder

zBoost Signal Finder

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zBoost Signal Finder zBoost Signal Finder zBoost Signal Finder zBoost Signal Finder zBoost Signal Finder zBoost Signal Finder

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The zBoost Signal Finder app will allow the user to see exactly where the cell phone signal comes from. It uses Google maps to show where each cellular tower is located and how strong the signals are at each tower. This information can be used to help improve the cellular signal by helping to install equipment to help the signal.
How does this app help the cell phone?
The app will give a link to the Wi-Ex set of products designed to improve indoor cellular coverage at very affordable prices. Then the app can be used to show exactly how to install a cellular booster product to get the best performance. The installation for a booster requires mounting an antenna outdoors to capture the cellular signal, and this app will bring up a compass screen to show exactly which direction the antenna should be aimed to pick up the best signal.
How do I use the app?
Once the app is run on an Android phone, it will find out from Android which cellular tower is providing the cellular service at that time. Then it will display this tower on a map with the signal strength indicated. The phone will typically hop around onto different towers, especially when driving; and the user can simply look at the screen and watch the phone connect to the different towers.
If installing a Wi-Ex zBoost cellular booster, the user should simply run the app at the location where it is being installed. Once the location of the towers is determined, then click on the 'Direction' button to show the location of the strongest signal tower using a compass style indicator. In just a few minutes the exact location of where to install and aim the outside antenna can be determined, and then you can enjoy a very good cell phone signal!
Note: This app does not work in all locations. You have to be using a cellular system that supplies information to Google Maps regarding the cellular towers and their locations. If this information is not available, the app will give a warning message for 5 seconds indicating that no location information can be found. When this happens, you can possibly make the app work by forcing your phone to work using only the 2G mode or if you are using an LTE phone, forcing it into 3G mode.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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