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Basketball Trick Shots Lite

Basketball Trick Shots Lite

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Basketball Trick Shots Lite Basketball Trick Shots Lite Basketball Trick Shots Lite Basketball Trick Shots Lite Basketball Trick Shots Lite Basketball Trick Shots Lite

Basketball Trick Shots Lite 描述

Unique basketball game with realistic physics modelling for you to perform trick shots you thought was only possible in a real court. Now on your mobile!

"...sweet, and discrete time waster Basketball Trick Shots is a solid choice...a huge win and worth the download" - AndroidTapp.com 4.1/5

★ NEW! Online Rankings and Replay feature - show your tricks to your friends and compare scores globally!

★ realistic physics engine and use of absorption coefficients for different surfaces

★ unique challenge mode to test the Pro in you.

★ precise shot direction and power control

★ colourful and uncluttered graphics with full sound effects

★ numerous trick shot modes – eyes closed, moonshot, bounce, off the wall, off the board, swoosh and inside out

Basketball Trick Shots brings original and unique concept to mobile sports gaming. Simply touch the screen and drag the ball to set power and direction of your shot, but that's not all. It is not only about scoring - you earn point for performing different tricks before you score and there's plenty to choose from: shoot with you eyes closed, off the wall, bounce, off the backboard, inside out, moonshot, swoosh.

Practice your game and create state of an art throw combining as many tricks as it's possible. You can choose from 3 different game modes: practice, time, and challenge. The unique challenge mode will test your skills against specially prepared trick challenges. Complete them all and you will get the ability to resize your court to make things even more challenging!

Realistic physics engine and plenty of tricks to choose from will keep you inventing more and more shot combinations, have fun!


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体育竞技 运动
Android 1.6.0 以上
Vinwap Games

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