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Vodafone Protect 描述

Vodafone Protect, powered by McAfee.
Protect and safeguard your smartphone with Vodafone’s effective, reliable and free security app, that you can trust. It’s a quick and easy solution to keep your phone safe if lost or stolen and secure from attacks, the threat of an unwanted virus’ or just to debug if necessary. Powered by McAfee, this is security protection you can trust. Further payment may be necessary
Google User:
Vodafone protect A most astounding app to have on a phone
Google User:
Excellent App Loads of useful features in the app, secure browsing etc, use of the website for finding and lock and beep are great!
Vodafone Protect allows you to Autoscan for harmful files or, Find, Lock and Erase your lost or stolen phone remotely, with further enhanced features such as Antivirus, Call & SMS filtering, App and Web Protection included in the premier package.
Key Features of Vodafone Protect:
• Remotely locate, lock and erase your lost or stolen mobile phone using the ‘find’ function in the MyVodafone Protect website on your PC or Mac, then find the location of your smartphone on a map. Effective and reliable peace of mind in the event of any accidental loss or theft
• Lock the lost device to immediately guard and protect it and prevent others from gaining access to your personal data, including data on your SD card
• Secure and Remotely erase your lost or stolen smartphone clean of all private content, including on your SD data card
• Safeguard your phone and find it quickly if you lose it with the 'Lock & Beep’ function when your phone is misplaced within a short range
Premier Features
• Effective and reliable Antivirus software protection, which you can trust to safeguard your smartphone against attacks, powered by McAfee. Block malware, and remove unwanted adware and spyware. Autoscan downloads to ensure they are safe, no threat and trustworthy. Protect your phone against virus threats and other unsafe intrusions on your personal data and erase your information if your device is stolen
• Call & SMS filtering. Vodafone Protect can help you effectively block outgoing and incoming calls, block incoming SMS’, and allows you to set your own blocking rules and provide prevention of unwanted adware (SMS Filter not available to customers on Android KitKat and above)
• App Protection, Autoscan new and existing apps to allow fast virus threat detection and ensure they are safe. Prevention of problems before they occur. Make sure your apps are not associated with unsafe or unreliable sites. Remotely remove unsafe apps and safeguard your device from unwanted adware or malware. Manage apps through your chosen profile (4 profiles available)
•App Lock feature allows you to lock and unlock apps, offering another level of effective security and prevention to guard against attacks on your phone
• Web protection. Autoscan and guard your activity whilst online, detection of detects threats and alerts you of unsafe sites and prevention of risks to your security and privacy while browsing. It gives you the ability to debug remove harmful files if your device if infected
• Uninstall Protection. Safeguard against other users uninstalling the app and accessing your Android smartphone. Effective and reliable detection of threats and prevention of unsafe activity on your phone
Using texts
Vodafone Protect offers unrivalled Mcafee driven virus detection, helps you autoscan & erase data if lost or stolen using SMS and debug or block your device in the event of malware and adware attacks. Your phone is an invaluable part of your life, don’t leave your security or detection of malicious adware attacks to chance.
Secure your phone and trust Vodafone Protect: https://protect.vodafone.co.uk
To learn how to use visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocvk48xdNDM

Vodafone Protect 更新内容

• Support for Android Lollipop so Vodafone Protect works on the latest version of Android.
• Better PIN reset process. Setup memorable questions and answers to help you unlock your device if you forget the Vodafone Protect PIN
• Improvements in how Vodafone Protect scans your device and minimises battery usage
• Improved ‘what’s new’ section so you can quickly access new features and understand enhancements
• Virus definition file is updated in a more efficient way

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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