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The only app needed for an IT guru. If you do IT work, this is the app for you! It has the basics and is constantly expanding! It currently covers networking, telephony and keyboard shortcuts. We currently offer Cisco IOS commands, HP Pro curve commands, Nortel DMS-100, Nortel Meridian 1 option commands, Avaya Definity, Avaya S8000 series, OSI Layer Model, Nortel Ethernet Switches, Juniper Networks, Windows, DOS, Linux, Remote Desktop keyboard shortcuts, Cell Phones, Common Network Ports, Network Tester, Line Characteristics, Unix EPOCH Time Converter, RAID Calculator, Tech Support Numbers and so much more! Built in suggestion/feedback so you can let me know what you want added to the app! Includes a Password Generator to create random passwords with Upper, Lower case, Numbers and Special Characters. CHMOD Calculator 4 digit, easily calculate your read write execute file values! This app is updated all the time! It is the ultimate collection of cheatsheets and shortcuts!

Cisco IOS commands
HP Procurve commands
Nortel DMS-100 commands
Nortel Meridian 1 commands
Avaya Definity and S8000 Series Commands
Remote Desktop Connection keyboard shortcuts
OSI Layer Model
T1 Carrier Rates
E1 Carrier Rates
J1 Carrier Rates
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Cell Phones
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Nexus S
Window 8
Siemens HiPath
Tech Support phone numbers: HP, Dell, Adobe, Microsoft, IBM

Password Generator
CHMOD Calculator
Network Tester
Network Ports
UNIX Time EPOCH Converter
RAID Calculator:
0, 1, 3, 3+0, 4, 5, 6, 0+1, 1+0, 1+0+0, 5+0, 5+1, 6+0, 6+1, BeyondRAID, unRAID, X-RAID.

IT Guru 更新内容


v.0.45 - Minor GUI and editing changes

v.0.44 - DMS-100 commands

v.0.43 - CISCO IOS and DMS-100 commands

v.0.42 - More Network Ports and IBM support numbers

v.0.41 - Network Ports

v.0.40 - RAID Calculator

v.0.39 - Network Tester, Nortel Meridian 1 commands, Copper Line Characteristics

v.0.38 - UNIX Time Converter, DMS-100, Meridian 1 commands

v.0.37 - CHMOD Calculator 4 digit

v.0.36 - Password Generator

v.0.35 - Samsung Nexus S, Tech Support Numbers


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Android 2.1.0 以上

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