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Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO)

Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO)

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Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) 截图

Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO)

Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) 描述

WTSO.com (WinesTilSoldOut), the breakthrough website giving you Fine Wines, Great Prices, One at a Time all at 30-70% off with Free Shipping, is now more accessible on phones and tablets…and now check out our exciting update!
WTSO for phones and tablets is a simple, optimized interface which allows the user to quickly and easily view the attributes of a wine currently live on WTSO.com. Each time a new item is presented on the website, the application will notify you. The application presents the current WTSO price, the next best price on the web, the percentage off, the detailed technical wine notes, and the wine’s rating and reviews. You can log into your account and complete purchases securely within App, no longer needing to be redirected to the web browser to finish a transaction. You can access and manage your account, orders, and cellar from within the App. Never miss a great WTSO deal again!

Wines Til Sold Out (WTSO) 更新内容

Notification issue fixed.
New look and feel.
Auto-refresh when current offer changes.
Complete entire order process within App.
Streamlined One Screen Order processing.
Full access to Orders History and My Cellar.
Manage your WTSO.com account and Notification settings from App.

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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