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Plug into the most accurate and complete charging station map worldwide and download the #1 EV charger locator app for drivers of the Tesla Model S, Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt, and other electric vehicles.
★ Engadget: “PlugShare includes a complete database of public charging stations across the US.”
★ CleanTechnica: “Naturally, PlugShare makes trip planning easier and more effective.”
★ Green Car Reports: "Most electric-car users find the tips from actual users of the individual sites to be one of the most useful features--and there, PlugShare has the clear edge."
PlugShare contains more than 90,000 public charging stations, including those in all major networks in North America (Tesla SuperCharger, ChargePoint, Blink, SemaCharge, GE WattStation, Aerovironment, EVgo) and Europe (RWE, Clever, Endesa, Enel). The largest community of EV drivers in the world, PlugShare users have contributed over 400,000 station reviews and 80,000 photos to make driving electric easier than ever before. PlugShare is also the official EV charger locator for the No Charge to Charge Program(sm) for the Nissan LEAF and the MyFord Mobile app. PlugShare has been featured on the NYT, Wall Street Journal, NBC, and CNET.
No matter what plug-in car you drive, use PlugShare to...
★ Locate public charging stations compatible with your electric vehicle.
★ View PlugScore™ station ratings, real-time availability, photos, and descriptions.
★ Check out reviews and tips from other PlugSharers.
★ Filter for chargers compatible with your electric vehicle.
★ Pay for charging conveniently through your phone at participating locations.
★ Add new charging stations as you discover them.
★ Coordinate with others when you need to top off.
★ Plan your next EV road trip.
插入最准确,最完整的充电站地图全世界并下载#1 EV充电器应用定位为特斯拉S型,日产LEAF,雪佛兰Volt和其他电动车辆的司机。
★绿色汽车报告:“大多数电动车用户发现从各个网站的实际用户的秘诀是最有用的功能之一 - 而且,PlugShare具有明显优势。”
PlugShare包含超过90,000公共充电站,其中包括在北美各大网络(特斯拉增压器,ChargePoint,眨眼,SemaCharge,GE WattStation,Aerovironment公司,EVgo)和欧洲(RWE,聪明,Endesa公司,意大利国家电力公司)。在世界电动汽车驱动器的最大的社区,PlugShare用户贡献了超过40万台的评论80,000张照片,使驾驶电动变得前所未有的简单。 PlugShare也正式EV充电器定位为不收费,为日产LEAF和的MyFord移动应用程序充电(SM)。 PlugShare已精选纽约时报,华尔街日报,NBC和CNET。

PlugShare 更新内容

- Redesigned add location flow and added the option to add stations with multiple outlets
- Android Pay is now a payment option for Pay With PlugShare
- Made location description text selectable

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Android 4.0.3 以上
Recargo Inc.



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