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TSF Live 2011 TSF Live 2011 TSF Live 2011 TSF Live 2011

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Take the way you follow high school football in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana to a new level. Keep up with any or all of the nearly 140 teams and 65+ high school football games played in the Tri-State region each fall weekend. TriStateFootball.com is the go to source dedicated to covering one of the nation’s hot beds for high school football. The FOX19 TSF Live 2011 app, Powered by SportsNation360, not only brings new levels of excitement and interaction to fans in the stands in the Tri-State region, but extends that enthusiasm beyond the bleachers throughout the fall season.
With Game Night Live, fans report the scores live using the app’s “Report a Score” feature. This instantaneously allows fans everywhere to follow any team in the Tri State in real time. Team drill down features provide a unique mini-app for every school. High school football fans can now keep up to date on the latest news and game time excitement anywhere, anytime from their favorite (or rival!) teams quickly and easily right from their Android smartphone!
Features include:
• Game night coverage of nearly 140 Tri-State regional teams
• Drill down apps for every school including schedules, rosters, links, and more
• Game Night Live features with “fan-sourced” live scoreboard on game nights
• “Social bleachers” for fans to interact in real time via blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.
• Moderated blogs providing live game commentary
• FOX19 comprehensive prep coverage and video highlights
• Exclusive, in-depth content only available from TriStateFootball.com
• Fan Photo contests with upload, view and share features
• Venue information including maps and local Points of Interest
• Weekly contests, polling and interactive features
• Mobile coupons and deals from select merchants and vendors

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We had added a Favorites feature so you may easily get to your favorite schools.

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