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u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk

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U4FIT | Virtual Personal Trainer
It's a reliable training partner who supports you constantly throughout your outdoor fitness activities, such as running and walking. It uses the GPS to measure and accurately track your workouts, it supports and helps you on reach your athletic goals. It shows distance, speed and position when you're running, jogging and walking.
u4fit has some distinctive features, such as the unique "Virtual Personal Trainer", which guides you step-by-step (vocally and visually) to strictly follow the training set.
u4fit allows you to create all types of typical running workouts, even the most complex, such as reps, interval training and HIIT. For each training section you can set time, distance and speed (or step). You can also create training plans weekly.
U4FIT | Social
You can see on the map your running route and store all activities in a friendly training diary. You can share your results on Facebook.
Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/u4fit
U4FIT | Support
Our goal is to continuously improve the App, so please help us rating u4fit on the Play Store.
If u4fit or any of its features doesn’t satisfy you, please report in comments the issues, we'll be happy to fix it and figure out with you what went wrong and how we can improve!
U4FIT | Beginner sportsmen
Whether you're a beginner or an expert athlete, u4fit has been built to best suit your needs. U4fit is really intuitive and funny to use: you have just to press a button to start immediately your training. The app will record your workout and will supports you during the training, giving to you all the information you need (path, distance, speed, etc.).
U4FIT | Advanced sportsmen
u4fit gives you the flexibility to create all workouts you want, even the most complex (i.e. reps - interval training - HIIT). You can create your own weekly training plans setting up goals and pace for every single workout. The Virtual Personal Trainer guides you to follow the training set, providing all the information you need, even visually and vocally: time, distance and speed, total, partial and last km.
At the end of workout, the application shows your results, compared with those that were your goals.
U4FIT | Feature List
- Virtual Personal Trainer
- Create your own custom workout schemes (set the pace to hold, also reps, interval training and HIIT)
- Create your weekly training schedule (eg. Prepare for a marathon!)
- Preset gestures: during the workout, you can touch the screen in various ways in order to listen to the information you want
- Complete and accurate stopwatch
- Saves accurately your training data using GPS
- Saves and shows real-time: time, distance, speed and pace
- Calculates the average data, and last kilometer/lap
- Distance in kilometers and miles
- Voice messages guide you in training, they can be fully customizable in 4 different groups (Total, pace, last km)
- Training schedule contains the history of all your workouts
- Graphics
- Route on the map
- Sends the graphics to your friends/coach
- Export to GPX standard format
U4FIT |虚拟私人教练
U4FIT |社会
U4FIT |支持
U4FIT |初级运动员
无论你是初学者还是专业运动员,u4fit已建成以最好地满足您的需求。 U4fit实在是直观和有趣的使用方法:你刚才按下一个按钮,立即开始你的训练。该应用程序会记录你的锻炼和意志支持您在培训期间,给予你所有你需要(路径,距离,速度等)的信息。
U4FIT |高级运动员
u4fit使您可以灵活地创建您希望所有的训练,即使是最复杂的(即代表 - 间隔训练 - HIIT)。你可以创建自己的每周训练计划设立的目标和节奏为每一个锻炼。虚拟私人教练指导你跟着训练集,提供所有你需要的信息,甚至是视觉上和口头上:时间,距离和速度,总的,局部的和最后公里。
U4FIT |功能列表
- 虚拟私人教练
- 创建自己的定制锻炼计划(定速度持有,也代表,间歇训练和HIIT)
- 创建您的每周训练计划(如准备一个马拉松。!)
- 预设的手势:在锻炼过程中,你可以触摸以各种方式在屏幕上,以便听你想要的信息
- 完整和准确的秒表
- 保存利用GPS精确的训练数据
- 保存并实时显示:时间,距离,速度和步伐
- 计算的平均数据,以及最后一公里/圈
- 以公里和英里的距离
- 语音信息指导你在训练中,他们可以在4个不同的群体完全自定义(共,节奏,最后公里)
- 培训计划包含了所有你的锻炼的历史
- 图形
- 路线在地图上
- 发送图形给你的朋友/教练
- 出口到GPX标准格式

u4fit - GPS Track Run Walk 更新内容

Maps update and minor other improvements
New splits overview screen for "free" workouts (https://youtu.be/NiHQoWvnb5E)
- Workout history synchronization. Please, register and login to our service from the application (hit the "Login" button from the "User Profile" menu) and the application will start synchronize automatically your workout history
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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