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Sketch Mate Advanced Free Sketch Mate Advanced Free Sketch Mate Advanced Free Sketch Mate Advanced Free Sketch Mate Advanced Free

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- Ad Version - Upgrade to the Paid version for more options -
Fun for both kids & adults, Sketch Mate Advanced Free turns your Android device into a canvas! With a simple-to-use interface and array of tools, your creations are limited only to your imagination. Includes a gallery to view your work, and ability to share your creations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more (through the services available on your device). Save your projects as both an editable project file you can load later, and either a .png (default) or .jpg (add .jpg to file name before saving).
- Full color palette including alpha control
- Eraser (can be used with brush styles)
- Undo/Redo - set the amount in options (see note below)
- Eyedropper tool
- Clear canvas - clears the currently selected layer
- Background options - Pick from 4 colors, load an image from your device, or select a pre-made background template
- View images in the Gallery, share your work, or start a new project
- Undo/Redo - Set the amount of times you can undo/redo. Set a lower amount for improved performance
- Please contact the developers with bugs or issues
- Screen sensitivity will vary depending on your device & its capabilities
- Upgrade to the full version for layer options, brush styles, menu options and no ads.
- Follow us on Twitter @xiledsystems and share your creations!
- 广告版本 - 升级到付费版本更多的选择 -
- 全彩色调色板,包括α控制
- 橡皮擦(可使用画刷样式)
- 撤消/重做 - 设置选项(参见下面的注释)
- “吸管工具”
- 清除画布 - 清除当前选择的层
- 背景选项 - 选择4种颜色,从您的设备中加载图像,或选择预先制作的背景模板
- 在库中查看图像,分享您的工作,或启动一个新的项目
- 撤消/重做 - 设置的时候,你可以撤消/重做。设置较低的量,以提高性能
- 请与开发人员的错误或问题
- 屏幕灵敏度会有所不同,具体取决于您的设备与它的功能
- 升级到完整版本的图层选项,画笔样式,菜单选项,无广告。
- 按照我们的Twitter的@ xiledsystems和分享您的作品!

Sketch Mate Advanced Free 更新内容

Version 1.04 -
Removed ads.
Bug fixes.
Performance Enhancements.
Version 1.07 -
Several bug fixes.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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