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For ExpressJet (L-XJT) pilots and flight attendants only.
No more default username and password that constantly changes. Register your own account within this app (or at www.xjtresources.com) and create your own password.
Pilots - If you are on the XJT pilot seniority list, your employee number is already in our database. You will still need to register and validate your email before you are able to login to this app. You can register in this app and start the process of validating your email. If the app is saying that your employee number is not found you are either not an "active" pilot at ExpressJet (XJT) or you are brand new and not in the seniority list that was provided to me to load the database with. If you are new or think you should have access, email me.
Flight Attendants - You too are now able to register your own account and have access to view our XJTHotels information. You just have two limitations. You are not able to add a hotel comment or send a Correction Report. I designed it this way so that you are able to have your own account and not have to ask the pilots for the most recent default username and password. Once you registered, you will need to wait while we manually verify your employment with ExpressJet. If you are not an active flight attendant with ExpressJet, your registration will be denied and you will not have access to XJTHotels. Verification may take as long as 24 hours to verify. Please be patient. We are doing this manually. Email me if you have been waiting longer than 24 hours and I will check on it. Do NOT post a rating below complaining about the verification process or how long it takes. Email me first or your registration will be denied.
Features within this app:
1. Register within this app
2. Login to your account and view XJTResources.com information offline (airplane mode).
3. Forgot your password? Send yourself an email to reset your password and get logged back in.
4. On any page that shows tabs at the top. Don't just click the tab, slide your finger left and right to move between the tabs.
5. Within the page that displays the detailed hotel information, click the phone number to call it without typing.
6. Ability to email me directly through the app (About).
7. Search for a hotel or display all hotels at once.
8. Refresh buttons run code in the background to keep the user interface from freezing up due to long periods of time it takes to retrieve the latest hotel information from the online database for XJTResources.com
NOTE: To get the latest hotel information, click the Refresh icon or buttons. I recommend you do this once every two weeks.
Please rate the app (or change if you gave low score before.... Thanks). Email me if you have any questions or comments.
飞行员 - 如果你是XJT飞行员资历名单上,你的员工数量已经在我们的数据库。您仍然需要注册,你能够登录到这个应用程序之前验证您的电子邮件。您可以在此应用程序注册并启动验证电子邮件的过程。如果应用程序是说,你的员工数量没有找到你要么不ExpressJet的(XJT)“活动”试点,或者你是全新的,而不是在被提供给我,用来加载数据库中的资历名单。如果你是新的或认为你应该有机会,给我发电子邮件。
乘务员 - 你太现在可以注册自己的账号,并有权查看我们的XJTHotels信息。你只需要两方面的局限性。你是不是能够添加注释酒店或发送更正报告。我设计的这种方式,让你能够拥有自己的帐户,而不是要问飞行员为最新的默认用户名和密码。一旦你注册,你将需要等待,而我们手动验证与ExpressJet的你的就业。如果你不是一个积极的空姐与ExpressJet的,您的注册将被拒绝,您将无法访问XJTHotels。验证可能需要长达24个小时来验证。请耐心等待。我们手动这样做。电邮我,如果你一直在等待时间超过24小时,我会检查它。请勿张贴下面抱怨验证过程或需要多长时间的评级。第一封电子邮件我或您的注册将被拒绝。

XJT Resources 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:v2.6 (21Aug12)
1. Within the Map page you are able to zoom in and out.
2. User comments is now labeled based on their specific comment (ie Rating, Hotel, Food, Entertainment comment’s). Also included is a date and time label so you can see when the user comment was submitted.
3. METAR/TAF button located on the main search page. You can add in CLE or KCLE to get the most recent METAR and TAF for that specific city.

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