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Kanban 看板局

Kanban 看板局

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Kanban 看板局 Kanban 看板局 Kanban 看板局 Kanban 看板局 Kanban 看板局

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看板局,个人便条,雅居乐董事会。 Kanban Board, personal sticky note, Agile Board.看板局,个人便条,雅居乐董事会。 Kanban Board (看板) the concept related to just-in-time (JIT) production.According to Taiichi Ohno. Utilize the idea to help create personal kanban board to increase productivity.The principles still the same idea with JIT to:1. Tasks visibility.2. Work in progress (WIP) control. -------------------------------------- Kanban Board provide 3 simple value steam. 1. To-Do. (Task waiting to be done, or backlog.)2. Doing. (Work in progress "WIP".)3. Done. (Work completed.) -------------------------------------- Kanban Board differs from other to-do list which not just focus on listing the task on 1 dimention.Kanban Board focuses on doing the right thing and right time with 2 dimentions.Providing a map of our work for clearer picture. Easy and fun to use with drag and drop with familia cork-board look and feel.Simple and minimalist GTD. -------------------------------------- Kanban Facebook Fan Page.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kanban-Board/250358365025459 -------------------------------------- Instruction: Create Note:- Tap on plus button on the top left.Update Note- Tap on note and select Edit.Delete Note- Drag note to the bin on the top right.Delete all Done note.- Hold the bin on the top right.Move Note- Drag note to move.

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