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HQ Voice Recorder Lite

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HQ Voice Recorder Lite HQ Voice Recorder Lite HQ Voice Recorder Lite HQ Voice Recorder Lite HQ Voice Recorder Lite HQ Voice Recorder Lite

HQ Voice Recorder Lite 描述

A High Quality voice recorder for wave and mp3 files.
Edit on-the-fly,by rewinding and recording over mistakes or unwanted sounds. It can also be used as a spy recorder. Just schedule a recording to start in background with screen off.
This is a lite version. It can save up to 3 recordings of a maximun 1 min duration each and has ads. Please consider upgrading to pro version if you like it to remove ads and other limitations
* Record in wav or mp3 format. mp3 takes a lot less space on your sd card but it consumes more battery
* choose an encoding rate for mp3 from 8Kb/s up to 224Kb/s
* During recording you may pause recording, resume, or go back to a previous time before resuming again.
* During playback you can move fast forward or fast backward at a preselected period
* long press on an existing recording and append more to it, crop it, or send it via mail
* you may select to continue recording in the background after exiting the application
* you can schedule a recording to start at a predefined time and keep the screen off, if you wish.
please note that recording other people without them knowing is forbidden by law in many countries. The developers of this application are not responsible for any illegal use of the application.
*记录以WAV或MP3格式。 MP3花费少了很多的空间你的SD卡,但它消耗更多的电池
*选择一个编码速率从的8Kb / s的MP3可达224KB / S

HQ Voice Recorder Lite 更新内容

Lite version now only permits 3 recordings for a max of 1 min duration each and is ads supported. pls upgrade to pro version to help the developers

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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