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Baltimore Ravens Mobile

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Baltimore Ravens Mobile Baltimore Ravens Mobile Baltimore Ravens Mobile Baltimore Ravens Mobile Baltimore Ravens Mobile Baltimore Ravens Mobile

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Stay in touch with the Ravens anytime, anywhere, on your Android device with the official mobile app of the Baltimore Ravens.
Features include:
- News: Real-time, breaking news from the Ravens, previews of upcoming matchups, post-game commentary and the best team coverage 365 days a year
- Video: Live-streaming events and video-on-demand clips of Ravens' press conferences, coach and player interviews, Ravens TV shows and exclusive insider content
- In-Stadium Content: Watch replays of every play, watch live from three different camera angles and watch the NFL RedZone channel
- Photos: Galleries of gameday action and players’ lives away from the field
- Audio: Live game audio and podcasts
- Schedule: List of upcoming games, scores/stats of previous games and ticket purchase for games
- Team Info: Roster, Depth Chart and Injury Report, updated weekly
- Stats: Real-time statistics and scores, full team stats, head-to-head stats of the matchup, player stats, drive stats, box scores, out-of-town scores around the league
- Social Media: Aggregated Twitter feeds from the team, players and fans, stadium check-in on gameday, one-click tweet and Facebook posting of all media items
- Shop: Order the latest team gear right from your phone
- Standings: Division and conference standings
- M&T Bank Stadium Info: Seating charts, interactive stadium map with concession stands and amenities, problem reporting, directions, purchase parking, fan guides, closed captioning and more
- Fan Zone: PSL Account Manager login, Ravens emoji keyboard, digital photo keepsakes, Cheerleaders photos and bios, wallpapers and fantasy
- Evolving home-screen: Pre-game, in-game, post-game, off-season countdown, draft-day
Follow us @1WinningDrive on Twitter for updates or visit www.baltimoreravens.com.
FEEDBACK/QUESTIONS; Email support@yinzcam.com or send a tweet to @yinzcam
The official Baltimore Ravens Mobile app is created and maintained by YinzCam, Inc., on behalf of the Baltimore Ravens.
  - 新闻:实时,从乌鸦突发新闻,即将到来的对决,赛后的评论和最好的球队覆盖率一年365天的预览
  - 视频:实时流式的乌鸦“新闻发布会的事件和视频点播剪辑,教练和球员的采访,乌鸦电视节目和独家内幕的内容
  - 在赛场含量:每播放观看重播,从三个不同的摄像机角度观看直播,观看NFL REDZONE通道
  - 照片:比赛日的行动和球员的画廊住在离离场
  - Audio:现场游戏音频和播客
  - 日程:以前的游戏和购票的游戏即将推出的游戏,比分/统计一览
  - 球队信息:名册,深度图表和伤害报告,每周更新一次
  - 统计:实时统计和比分,全团队统计,对决的头对头统计,球员统计,带动周边联盟统计,个人成绩表,外的镇分数
  - 社交媒体:Twitter的汇总从球队,球员和球迷,体育场入住的比赛日,一键鸣叫和Facebook发布的所有媒体项目供稿
  - 商店:订购最新的队齿轮从您的手机的权利
  - 积分榜:科和会议榜上
  - M&T银行球场信息:座位图,互动体育场地图让步的立场和设施,进行问题报告,方向,购买停车位,风扇指南,隐藏字幕和多
  - 范区:PSL客户经理登录,乌鸦的表情符号键盘,数码照片的纪念品,拉拉队的照片和简历,壁纸和幻想
  - 不断发展的主屏:预游戏,在游戏中,游戏后,淡季倒计时,选秀日
跟随我们@ 1WinningDrive在Twitter上更新或访问www.baltimoreravens.com。
反馈/问题;电子邮件support@yinzcam.com或发送的tweet @yinzcam

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Android 2.3 以上

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