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YouMail Visual Voicemail

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YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail YouMail Visual Voicemail

YouMail Visual Voicemail 描述

YouMail’s award-winning Visual Voicemail is like having a personal, automated receptionist on your Android Phone!
YouMail permanently blocks telemarketers and spammers, gives you a bigger inbox (up to 100 messages), a huge selection of free personal and business greetings, and more recording time than your carrier’s basic voicemail.
Premium add-ons allow you to transcribe messages, have a large searchable archive for your messages, reply with a digital business card, and provide call-routing and ‘follow me’ functionality. 
Over 7 million people save hours every week - and provide their callers with a unique and memorable calling experience. With YouMail’s Visual Voicemail service you can take control of your missed calls, block unwanted spam callers and telemarketers, organize and archive your messages.
This is a must-have service for small business professionals who rely on their phone for new business. YouMail’s rich voicemail features, spam identification, and call blocking are designed to save time so you can focus on talking to customers and prospects.
Voicemail features included in the 100% free ESSENTIAL PLAN:
* ACCESS ANYWHERE: Check voicemail on your Android phone, tablet, or computer browser
* SMART GREETING: Your greeting will address callers by their name, followed by your name!
* PERMANENT CALL BLOCKING: Smart Blocking stops telemarketers, spammers, robocallers, debt collectors - forever!
* YOUMAIL CALLER ID: Upload contact pics, sync with Facebook, and access YouMail's phone directory with tens of millions of listings to know who called
* FORWARD and SHARE VOICEMAIL: Send messages via email, and share on Facebook or Twitter
These optional plans include all Essential plan features and more:
* Voicemail-to-Text: Reading voicemail is much faster than listening! Voicemails are auto-transcribed so you can read them in the app or in via email
* Massive Inbox: virtually unlimited messages - file them, download them, search them, archive them
* Privacy Guard: See the phone number from any Private, Unknown and Anonymous callers who leave a voicemail
* Smart Business Greeting: Get a professionally recorded voicemail greeting that includes your business name
* Live-Connect: Call routing choices presented to callers, just like PBX extensions. Callers can dial 0 to get connected to your business partner, assistant or another phone
* Follow Me: YouMail will ring multiple phone lines simultaneously - you answer the most convenient phone
* Auto-Reply: Auto-respond to missed calls via TXT / SMS message with a personalized Digital Business Card, a mobile landing page that gives callers even more information about you and your services
* Message Delegation / Auto-Forward: Send copies of your messages to anyone you chose to ensure callers get an immediate response
* Premium Support: Immediate Customer Care, including customization and setup assistance
Try YouMail’s Award-Winning Voicemail Service today!
Use Voicemail Transcription, Auto-reply to Callers, Call Routing, Call Blocking, & Forward Voicemail features to effectively manage your calls and voicemails.
- YouMail is NOT COMPATIBLE with some prepaid mobile plans. YouMail is compatible with: AT&T voicemail, Sprint voicemail, T-Mobile voicemail, Verizon voicemail. Sign up for FREE to see if YouMail is compatible with your carrier.
- YouMail only works with carriers in the US and Canada.
- To use YouMail, you must forward missed calls to YouMail with carrier-specific codes.
- YouMail may or may not work with Cyanogen – use at your own discretion.
- If YouMail doesn’t fit your needs, you MUST de-activate YouMail BEFORE you delete the app, otherwise your voicemail will NOT be re-routed back to your carrier.
Cancellation Instructions: https://support.youmail.com/hc/en-us/articles/200478098-Cancel-Your-YouMail-Account-Return-to-Your-Carrier-Voicemail
超过700万的人每周节省时间 - 并提供他们的来电者提供一个独特而难忘的通话体验。随着YouMail的可视语音邮件服务,你可以把你的未接来电的控制,阻止无用的垃圾邮件和来电电话推销员,整理和归档邮件。
这是为小型企业专业人士谁依靠自己的手机新业务的一个必须具备的服务。 YouMail丰富的语音邮件功能,垃圾邮件识别和呼叫阻止都是为了节省时间,让您可以专注于交谈客户和潜在客户。
* SMART问候:您的问候语将他们的名字,然后是你的名字地址来电者!
*永久呼叫阻截:智能拦截停止电话销售,垃圾邮件发送者,robocallers,收债 - 永远!
* YOUMAIL来电显示:上传图片接触,与Facebook同步,并获得YouMail与数以千万计的房源电话目录就知道谁被称为
-------------------------------------------------- ----------
*海量收件箱:几乎无限的信息 - 他们的文件,将它们下载,​​搜索它们,将它们归档
*跟着我YouMail将同时振铃多条电话线 - 你回答最方便的手机
*自动回复:自动回复未接通过与个性化的数字名片,移动登陆页面,让呼叫者关于您和您的服务更多的信息TXT /短信来电
- YouMail不兼容一些预付费手机的计划。 YouMail兼容:AT&T的语音邮件,Sprint语音信箱,T-Mobile的语音邮件,语音邮件Verizon公司。注册免费,看看YouMail与您的运营商兼容。
- YouMail只适用于在美国和加拿大的载体。
- 要使用YouMail,必须转发错过了与运营商特定的代码调用YouMail。
- 在你自己的判断使用 - YouMail可能会或可能不会与氰工作。
- 如果YouMail不适合你的需求,你必须取消激活YouMail在删除应用程序,否则你的语音邮件将不会被重新路由回您的运营商。
取消说明: https://support.youmail.com/hc/en-us/articles/200478098-Cancel-Your-YouMail-Account-Return-to-Your-Carrier-Voicemail

YouMail Visual Voicemail 更新内容

We have been listening to your comments and have worked hard to make corrections. See below for bug fixes and enhancements.
* Notifications – Now timely and more accurate
* Contacts – Now syncs and edits work correctly
* Carrier changes – Will now detect issues with carrier and notify you
* Forwarding - Made it easier for you to switch back to your carrier’s voicemail
* Bluetooth and Audio –Doesn’t interfere with other apps
* Performance – Faster & more stable

YouMail Visual Voicemail 历史版本

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YouMail Visual Voicemail 信息

通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 4.0.3 以上
YouMail, Inc

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