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Piano Lesson PianoMan

Piano Lesson PianoMan

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Piano Lesson PianoMan Piano Lesson PianoMan Piano Lesson PianoMan Piano Lesson PianoMan Piano Lesson PianoMan

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*******Available for Japan ONLY******* A musical game that includes 5 FREE songs! The famous application on iPhone, downloaded more the 4 million times around the world is now available for the Android Market! You don't know how to play piano? Don't worry! "Piano Lesson PianoMan" is a piano game that can be played just with only ONE finger and that can make you feel like a real pianist! The game is intuitive and super easy to use. Just press the piano keys according to the timing shown on the screen! Learn to play easily the most popular classical songs! The app contains 5 FREE preloaded songs, but you can also purchase extra songs from the Shop. ★5 FREE songs preloaded in the application! ○For elise / Ludwig van Beethoven ○Nocturne No.2, Op.9-2 / Chopin ○Jupiter / Gustav Holst ○Auld Lang Syne / Traditional ○An die Freude / Ludwig van Beethoven ★Furthermore, you can purchase extra classical songs from the Shop. (Songs are sold $2.20 each) JASRAC许诺第9011414008Y43030号 *******仅适用于日本******* 一个音乐游戏,包括5首免费歌曲! 著名的应用进程在iPhone上下​​载更多的世界各地的400万次,现在可以在Android Market! 你不知道如何弹钢琴吗?不要担心! “钢琴课PianoMan”的是一个钢琴比赛,可以只打了只用一根手指,可以让你觉得自己像一个真正的钢琴家! 本场比赛是直观的,超级好用。 只要按下钢琴键在屏幕上显示的时间! 了解容易玩最流行的经典歌曲! 该应用进程包含5个免费预装的歌曲,但你也可以从商店购买额外的歌曲。 ★5个免费的预装应用进程中的歌曲! ○对于爱丽丝/路德维希·范·贝多芬 ○,作品9-2 /肖邦夜曲2号 ○木星/古斯塔夫·霍尔斯特 ○友谊地久天长/繁体 ○一个模具Freude /路德维希·范·贝多芬 ★此外,还可以从商店购买额外的经典歌曲。 (歌曲卖2.20元) JASRAC许诺第9011414008Y43030号

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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