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Privacy Screen Filter Free

Privacy Screen Filter Free

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Privacy Screen Filter Free Privacy Screen Filter Free

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Displays the filter on the screen, and prevents the peep from surroundings. This is an application that displays the filter on the screen, and prevents the peep from surroundings. It confirms the operation with Xperia. Please teach the kind and the phenomenon of the smart phone used when trouble occurs. I will deal. Notification:In IS04, there is a problem you can't turn off the filter if the filter is turned on like initialization immediately after the installation.So please operate alpha change before turning on the filter. This application program is a free version. Therefore, only the following functions are provided. (1) The color and the transparency etc. of the filter can be freely changed. (2) Function to always display statusbar at full-screen. (3) It is also possible to turn the filter on and off from the notification bar. (4) There is an effect of suppressing the battery consumption, too. (Galaxy etc...) (5) It became possible to use the widget function by this update. The icon is switched and the display of the filter can be switched when touching. A pay version has the following functions. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.yuki.ochi.privacyfilter (1) It is also possible to display the image in the filter. (2) The advertisement is not displayed. If you use the statusbar forced display functionThe clock of the statusbar can be seen soon even in the game that "Angry Birds" and "Robo Defence ", etc. inadvertently become crazy. Moreover, please evaluate, and comment if you can like this application. The bug report you to review field fine, but There is no attempt to go in dealing with written information such as your model. Please observe the manners of a field review. Caution: Please do the exclusion setting if you use task killer application program (Task Manager and Automatic Task Killer , etc.). The Internet connection authority is used only for an advertising display. [Tool Convenience Camera Battery GalaxyS Galaxy Tab Power consumption veilview]

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Android 2.0.0 以上
Yuki Ochi

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