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Maniana To Do List | Task List

Maniana To Do List | Task List

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Maniana To Do List | Task List Maniana To Do List | Task List Maniana To Do List | Task List Maniana To Do List | Task List Maniana To Do List | Task List Maniana To Do List | Task List

Maniana To Do List | Task List 描述

"An errand a day keeps the troubles away".
A fun informal and free way to progress with your todo list. Maniana (man-ya-na) helps you to answer a simple question "which of my errands am I going to do today?". A perfect solution for every procrastinator!
Maniana is an open source project. If you have any problem or suggestion, please send us an email at maniana@zapta.com or create a new issue here http://code.google.com/p/maniana/issues .
☆ Easy and fun to use.
☆ Home screen widgets.
☆ App starts instantly. No flash screen.
☆ Personalize using rich settings and themes.
☆ Undo last delete operation.
☆ Enter new tasks using keyboard or voice.
☆ Optional daily notification.
☆ Optional shake actions.
☆ Flag tasks by colors.
☆ Dropbox and Google Drive support for backup/restore.
☆ Lock tasks you don't want to see daily.
☆ Small memory and CPU footprints.
☆ Detailed help page.
☆ Multi language support.
☆ Minimal permissions, maximal privacy.
☆ Absolutely free. No ads, no gimmicks.
☆ Very responsive developers (try us).
If you like the app, please rate it in the Android Market.
Want to be a hero in your country? We are looking for translators from English to Chinese, Korean, and other major languages. No programming skills required. If you would like to help, please contact maniana@zapta.com.
If your phone cannot access the Android market, you can download Maniana directly from http://code.google.com/p/maniana
Alternative spellings: mañana to do list | task list, manyana to do list | task list, Manana to do list | task list.
Related apps: Astrid, Adylitica Do It Tomorrow, Taskos, GTasks, Any.do, Remember the milk.
一个有趣的非正式和自由的方式来进步与您的待办事项列表。 Maniana(MAN-YA-NA)可帮助您回答一个简单的问题:“我跑腿,我今天打算怎么办?”。每拖拉一个完美的解决方案!
如果你喜欢的应用程序,请率在Android Market。
如果您的手机无法访问Android市场,您可以直接下载Maniana http://code.google.com/p/maniana
替代拼写:MANANA待办事项任务列表,manyana列表| Manana的任务列表,待办事项清单|任务列表。

Maniana To Do List | Task List 更新内容

- Add and order task colors (in Settings | Tasks).
- French translation (thanks Cecile).
- German translation (thanks Bernd).
- Backup/Restore using Dropbox and Google Drive.
- Hiding Icon Widget count when zero.
- Various fixes and tweaks.

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生活实用工具 休闲时间
Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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