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uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer

uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer

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uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer

uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer 描述

vVocab is the ultimate English vocabulary learning tool to prepare for competitive exams like SAT/GRE/GMAT or simply enhance your words repertoire. It puts a comprehensive set tools for vocubulary learning & training right at your finger-tips. With an intuitive & unified interface to explore & discover words, evaluate & monitor your vocabulary knowledge and review your learnings, uVocab ensures a productive and fruitful experience.
LEARN: uVocab contains a comprehensive database of nearly 5000 quality, hand-picked words, considered 'high-frequency' in various competetive tests and essential for every advanced vocabulary learner. With a clean & customizable UI, you can explore the word database via multiple browsing methods that support both systematic learning or a casual look up. In-depth vocabulary information categories makes the dataset relevant to both beginners and advanced learners.
EVALUATE: Take realistic tests to evaluate your vocabulary strength. You can track your progress with detailed test statistics alongwith complete test history to review past performance. uVocab now supports multiple test types to take vocabulary test with different word groups.
REVISE: uVocab contains all the features to keep track and quickly review words of interest to you. Favorite tags allow you to conveniently locate interesting words. Failed tags are automatically added for mistakes made during tests to aid your revision process. Flash cards provide another way to create word groups to help you during test preparations.
App features:
~ Comprehensive, in-depth word database.
~ Multiple word browsing methods.
~ Multiple realistic test types.
~ Audio pronunciations for unfamiliar words.
~ Web resources integration for advanced learning.
~ Supports favorite/failed tags for word revision.
~ Flash cards for test preparations.
~ Detailed test history to monitor progress.
~ Share words with your friends.
~ Clean and fully customizable UI with multiple themes.
** Absolutely free, supported with minimal ads.
** Your kind comments and ratings are highly appreciated to help improve this app.
vVocab是最终的英语词汇学习的工具,以备竞争性考试如SAT / GRE / GMAT或简单地提高你的话的剧目。它把对vocubulary学习和培训的权利一套完整的工具,在您的指尖。有了一个直观和统一的接口来探索和发现的话,评估和监控你的词汇知识,并检查您的经验和教训,uVocab保证了高效和富有成果的经验。
评估板:以真实的测试来评估你的词汇的力量。您可以跟踪具有非常久远完整的测试记录详细的测试数据你的进度,检讨过去的表现。 uVocab现在支持多种测试类型采取词汇测试与不同的字组。

uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer 更新内容

- Updated example sentences to avoid any offensive words.
- Enhanced scroll bar for full word list.
- New test mode - match synonyms/antonyms
- Fixed issue in vocab test using favorite/failed words
- Bug fixes.
[5.0] *** major update ***
~ New in-depth word database.
~ Fully re-designed UI.
~ New test categories.
~ Added flash cards.
~ Vocab test enhancements.
~ New word web viewer.
~ Google voice text-to-speech.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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