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uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer

uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer

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uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer uVocab - Vocabulary Trainer

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UltraVocabs is the definitive English vocabulary training tool to prepare for competitive exams like SAT/GRE/GMAT or simply enhancing your knowledge. It provides a unified interface to easily browse through the word lists, take realistic tests, monitor your progress and revise unfamiliar words. With a comprehensive database of nearly 5000 high quality words and a sleek, customizable UI, this little app makes it a pleasurable and fruitful experience to learn new words on the go.
Now, wordnik.com web dictionary integration provides you audio pronunciations and ways to further research important words at the tip of your finger!
~ Multiple word browsing methods for systematic learning.
~ Realistic test module.
~ Web resources integration for advanced learning.
~ Detailed test history to monitor progress.
~ Supports favorite/failed tags to help test preps.
~ Audio pronunciations for unfamiliar words.
~ Sleek and customizable UI with multiple themes.
NO nagging ads. Small ad bar only in main menu screen now to enhance your usage experience.
*** Your kind comments and ratings are highly appreciated to support our free development.

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