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Watch Live UTVMovies on Zengatv
5th December, 2011: Launching on December 12th 2011, UTVMovies India brings the passion and flair of Bollywood to the UK. Premiering on the Sky platform on channel 797, the Hindi language movie channel, which will also carry English subtitles, draws on the universal passion for Bollywood.
The channel upholds the promise of „Jeeyo Bollywood‟ – living the Bollywood dream - giving viewers a direct experience of the spirit of Bollywood. A household name in India and to the South Asian community in the UK, UTV delivers quality and uplifting content through its own rich library and the studio's links with the Hindi film industry. The channel has an enviable library of more than 400 titles including recent blockbusters like Guzaarish, No One Killed Jessica, Tees Maar Khan, Tere Bin Laden and Kartik Calling Kartik. The deal between UTV and Sky was consummated by TVMedia3. Advertising representation for the channel in the UK will be handled by Sky Media. Richard Hawking – perations Director commented, “It‟s a fantastic opportunity for us to add UTV Movies India to our portfolio of channels; it adds a new dimension to our offering for advertisers and great content for a growing and important audience”
UTV entered the broadcasting business in Sept 2007 with a clearly differentiated strategy based on extensive studies on changing viewership patterns of Indian audiences. With fast growing income levels and changing lifestyles of Indian consumers, the television viewing patterns are also undergoing radical shifts. The broadcast arm of UTV Software Communications Limited has successfully launched a bouquet of 6 channels comprising UTV Bindass, UTV Stars, UTV Action, UTV World Movies, UTV Movies and UTV Action Telegu in a short span of 5 years. UGBL has also created a strategic content distribution platform to enhance the delivery of its bouquet. These channels are available on cable networks and DTH platforms within India and in a number of key overseas

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