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ZuluLog Pilot Logbook

ZuluLog Pilot Logbook

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ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook ZuluLog Pilot Logbook

ZuluLog Pilot Logbook 描述

ZuluLog is the world's most widely used cloud-based pilot logbook system. The ZuluLog Android app can be used standalone but is designed to sync with your ZuluLog.com account. Enter, edit, and view flights from anywhere, and sync to your account when back online. View PIC currency, instrument currency, NVG currency, and even user-defined currencies. Create a GPS track of your flights, synced to your account, if you choose.
There is no charge for this app, or to create and use a ZuluLog.com account. We do not display advertising or share customer information with third parties.
You can create custom flight entry fields on your ZuluLog.com account, and they'll be available for use on the app's flight entry screen once you're logged in.
Our exclusive Flight Counters screen makes it easy to track flight time, simulated and actual instrument time, takeoffs, landings, and approaches in real time. You can then transfer these times to the flight entry screen with a single click.
The app also features dedicated screens to track your notes, squawks, nav/comm frequencies, transponder codes, and even IFR clearances.
You can look up current TAF/METAR information by airport code with an active data connection.
The Nearest Airports/Navaids screen quickly shows you distance and bearing information to the closest airports and navaids based on your GPS location, even without an active data connection.
Handy reference screens are available to display aviation-related information such as the phonetic alphabet, Morse code, IFR alternate airport requirements, a METAR decoder, the current moon phase, and more.
Other features include pilot tools such as red and white flashlights, and a magnetic compass with heading bug.
This app also features a night mode setting to help preserve night vision adaptation in low light operational conditions.
If you enjoy this app, please don't forget to rate us on Google Play!
ZuluLog是世界上使用最广泛的基于云计算的试点工作日志制度。该ZuluLog Android应用程序,可以独立使用,但旨在与您ZuluLog.com帐户进行同步。输入,编辑和查看到您的帐户从任何地方的航班,并同步时重新联机。查看图片货币,仪器货币,NVG货币,甚至是用户自定义的货币。创建您的航班,同步到您的帐户,如果你选择一个GPS轨迹。
你可以看一下目前的TAF / METAR信息由机场代码与有效的数据连接。

ZuluLog Pilot Logbook 更新内容

Version 2.0.0: Redesigned look and feel for flight viewer. Can now sync your entire logbook rather than just recent flights. CFIs can now sign student flights. Fixed several minor bugs. Performance improvements.
Version 2.1.0: Fixed several minor issues.

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Android 4.1.x 以上

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