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Test of Sexual Purity

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Test of Sexual Purity Test of Sexual Purity Test of Sexual Purity

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Today, with the changing times, and with the society evolving quickly, the concepts and traditional values change and frequently is not easy have a set of clear moral personal values.
Specially is difficult the subject of sexuality. Now is a mode the sexual liberation, where all is allowed. Are you sure?
If for you the sexual purity is an ethic and moral important value, you must do this test that will help you to evaluate your level of sexual purity.
By other way, if your idea is near to sexual liberation, including the lust, you may take the test too, to know if you have some sexual purity yet.
Two choices, two models of life very different, the chastity and the virginal purity, or the lust.
At intermeddle scales you will know if you are into the levels of Sexual Purity, Decency, Sexual Lightness, Indecency, or Sexual Impurity, into a scale measured in the percentage of sexual purity that you have.
Try it...do the test honestly, and you will find your level of sexual purity.

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Some bugs fixed.

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