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CIBC ATM and Branch Locations

CIBC ATM and Branch Locations

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CIBC ATM and Branch Locations CIBC ATM and Branch Locations CIBC ATM and Branch Locations CIBC ATM and Branch Locations

CIBC ATM and Branch Locations 描述

Are you a CIBC customer and tired of paying those "other ATM" fees? This app will help you avoid using non-CIBC ATMs by locating the nearest CIBC branch or ABM to your current position then displays them on a map or list. You can also search in a given city/neighbourhood, so you are not limited to your current location.
Distance, directions are given for each branch/ATM. You want to know how the area looks like before you get there? Check out the StreetView(When available) for each location ahead of time.
The app also works in offline mode when you don't have a data connection, so you can quickly find the nearest branch even when you don't have reception, but keep in mind that in offline mode StreetView and Directions are not available, the map is also limited to whatever tiles cached on your phone.
If you have any suggestions, bug reports and comments please send them away. There is a feedback button right from within the app.
距离,方向,给出了每个分支/ ATM。你想知道如何在区域看起来就像在你那里?退房的街景(如果可用)的时间提前每个位置。

CIBC ATM and Branch Locations 更新内容

In 1.9:
Seven-Eleven no longer has CIBC ATMs, so I removed them from the app.
Thanks to all of you guys who let me know that it has changed! Also thanks to those who report new or outdated locations.
New in 1.7
- New UI
- Support Android nav
Please report problems/missing locations using the feedback button inside the app, just saying there is a missing location does not help you or other users of this app to improve the accuracy of the app.

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CIBC ATM and Branch Locations 信息

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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