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Tim Hortons Finder

Tim Hortons Finder

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Tim Hortons Finder 截图

Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder Tim Hortons Finder

Tim Hortons Finder 描述

Find the nearest Tim's with your Android and pick up a double-double or two! Avoid driving around searching for one.
This app uses your phone's GPS to locate the nearest Timmy stores to your current position then displays them on a map or list. You can also search in a given city/neighbourhood, so you are not limited to your current location.
In addition to the map, a list view displays the locations sorted from the center of your search (i.e. center of the map). Tap the GPS button at the top of the list view to make the list sorted from your current location.
Wondering if a certain store has a drive through? Open the store details page and see if it has it.
Distance, directions are also given for each store. Street View is also provided(When available) so you know how the area looks like before you drive there.
You can also write down orders from your friends/colleagues in the app itself so no need for an extra paper.
Want to meet a friend at certain store? no problem, it is now one touch away. They can open the invite with their Android (this app), iPhone or even desktop (regular browser).
The app also works in offline mode when you don't have a data connection, so you can get your coffee fix even when you don't have reception :)
Note: Keep in mind that in offline mode, StreetView and Directions are not available. The map is also limited to whatever tiles cached on your phone.

Tim Hortons Finder 更新内容

New in 3.04-3.05
Updated DB. Thanks to all the awesome users that report inaccurate/missing TimHortons locations
New in 3.01
- Minor UI fixes
- Improved accuracy of locations in Langley. Thanks Phil for providing excellent feedback!
New in 3.0
- Added ability to remove ads when my other apps are already installed
- Updated database

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Tim Hortons Finder 信息

旅游出行 地图导航
Android 1.5.0 以上

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